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Syndigo Releases New Capabilities for Content Experience Hub

April 2, 2019

Integrated Platform Enables Syndication and Management of Core and Enhanced Product Content


CHICAGO, Illinois — Syndigo, a portfolio company of The Jordan Company (“TJC”), today announced the release of expanded capabilities for the Content Experience Hub. The Content Experience Hub (CXH) is a fully integrated content management platform that provides brands, distributors and retailers the ability to create, collect, manage, enrich, audit, verify, syndicate and analyze their product content across trading partners.


Today’s release enables Syndigo clients to incorporate Enhanced Content, such as rich media, digital assets and deep nutrition information into CXH, and publish that content onto their product pages within retailer eCommerce sites. Combining Enhanced Content with Core Marketing Content and detailed GDSN product information creates a powerful single solution that drives more efficient processes between trading partners and improves the speed and quality of product content shared across supply chain, in-store and eCommerce properties.


“Our vision is to enable the efficient transfer of product information and digital assets between manufacturers and recipients. We are a client-driven company, and our clients have been asking for an end-to-end solution with the capabilities of CXH,” said Paul Salay, CEO of Syndigo. “We have now integrated the capabilities of our various acquired solutions, and we will continue to make significant investments in technology and innovative new solutions to help support our clients. The speed at which we are moving is only possible by having such a great team and passionate employees who want to help our clients succeed.”


Nearly half of Syndigo’s clients are already leveraging the CXH platform to syndicate the entirety of their product content library across a network of more than 1,400 global recipients, while distributors, retailers and eCommerce platforms can tap into a network of more than 7,500 suppliers to access verified GDSN, Core and Enhanced digital product content. This content includes product images, weights and dimensions, ingredients, allergens, deep nutritional claims, creative/advertising content and digital rich media. With CXH, all trading partners have near real-time access to accurate, complete and quality product information.


“For retailers, eCommerce and mobile commerce were early disruptors in an increasingly digital world, which created an explosion of product attributes and content needs for our clients. That same disruption has now impacted our partners in foodservice, healthcare, automotive aftermarket and many other industries,” said Mark Detelich, Chief Product Officer at Syndigo. “CXH helps our clients work more efficiently, deliver higher quality content and get products to market faster.”


“We built CXH in response to our clients’ desire to have a single platform where brands, distributors and retailers can manage, aggregate and validate their myriad of content assets, and syndicate it in the formats that any endpoint requires,” Detelich continued. “With our extensive retailer and recipient network, these capabilities make it easier for everyone to deliver the complete omni-channel experience that shoppers require, all on a single platform.”


About Syndigo

Syndigo helps clients grow sales by providing extensive product content, nutrition information and digital media that power engaging experiences across brands, distributors and retailers. Clients in industries such as automotive, consumer goods, DIY, foodservice, grocery, hardlines, and healthcare all benefit from Syndigo’s integrated platform, Content Experience Hub – which enables clients to collect, store, manage, syndicate and publish their content for consumers across the largest trading network in the world.


Syndigo solutions include: detailed and verified product information with audit analytics to help facilitate buying decisions; syndication of data to GS1 global standards via GDSN; store optimization services for effective in-store layouts and shelf merchandising; publishing of rich product content integrated into retail sites globally; and interactive tools to allow restaurant and foodservice brands to organize and share nutrition data with their customers.


About The Jordan Company

TJC (, founded in 1982, is a middle-market private equity firm that has managed funds with original capital commitments in excess of $11 billion since 1987 and a 36-year track record of investing in and contributing to the growth of many businesses across a wide range of industries including Industrials, Transportation & Logistics, Healthcare & Consumer, and Telecom, Technology & Utilities. The senior investment team has been investing together for over 20 years and it is supported by the Operations Management Group, which was established in 1988 to initiate and support operational improvements in portfolio companies. Headquartered in New York, TJC also has an office in Chicago.


Media/Press Contact:
Patrick Niersbach, Vice President, Marketing