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Syndigo Adds Comprehensive Wellness Features via Content Experience Hub

July 17, 2019

Integrated Platform Allows Clients Access to Unified Wellness Capabilities


CHICAGO, Illinois — July 17, 2019 — Syndigo today announced that its wellness features will now be available comprehensively for retailers, distributors, operators, and their supplier partners through its integrated Content Experience Hub (CXH) platform. Combining advanced machine learning and analytics; a team of registered dietitians and data scientists; and one of the most robust product information databases, Syndigo’s wellness features will allow its clients to keep up with fast-changing diet, health, and lifestyle trends by understanding which products meet specific wellness characteristics – even if not explicitly stated on the product packaging.


“Syndigo’s integrated wellness features expand our clients’ ability to meet the needs of today’s wellness-conscious consumer in a convenient and easy-to-implement way,” said Mark Detelich, Chief Product Officer at Syndigo. “By combining technology and deep nutritional data with the expertise of our diet and data experts, Syndigo has made the hard work of managing wellness attributes easy for clients looking to drive product transparency and personalization through their eCommerce and in-store programs.”


Savvy marketers know the importance of highlighting product attributes that are desirable to consumers. Many claims such as organic, low sodium, non-GMO, and AHA Heart-Healthy, are already prevalent on labels. But with label space at a premium and diet trends continually shifting, not all wellness claims can be clearly stated on the product packaging. Many must be derived from several pieces of product information. For example, attributes like “carb friendly” or “plant-based” require some interpretation beyond the label to identify the right combination of nutritional and ingredient attributes.


Syndigo can identify these beyond-the-label attributes for a client’s product set, allowing the client to categorize, audit, and promote specific wellness claims online and in store.


“Shoppers and Operators are searching for deeper nutritional data online, so it’s important for brands and retailers to optimize their eCommerce programs with these claims to meet their shopper’s demand,” said Matt Silverman, Managing Director, Syndigo Wellness. “It also makes sense for brand owners to call attention to these positive attributes in their marketing activities and in category meetings with their retailer and distributor partners in order to highlight alignment between their product offerings and their partners’ own wellness strategies.”


While the Syndigo wellness solution represents new capabilities for clients to understand how products contribute to wellness initiatives, Syndigo also possesses the unique capability to understand overall consumer demand in wellness. Through its consumer app, Nutritionix Track, the company can more quickly identify trends based on searches and consumer use. Currently more than 500,000 consumers have used the Nutritionix app to track their nutritional intake and make informed diet and health choices through wearable fitness devices.


“We are able to get an early read on what wellness areas, ingredients, and allergens are trending based on overall searches and the most popularly logged food products,” said Silverman.


Syndigo’s wellness capabilities are now offered exclusively via the Content Experience Hub to Syndigo clients at


About Syndigo

Syndigo helps clients grow sales by providing extensive product content, nutrition information and digital media that power engaging experiences across brands, distributors and retailers. Clients in industries such as foodservice, hardlines, grocery, home improvement and DIY, pet, health and beauty, automotive aftermarket, apparel, and healthcare all benefit from Syndigo’s integrated platform, Content Experience Hub, which enables clients to collect, store, manage, audit, syndicate and publish, then analyze their product content across the largest trading network of brand and recipients in the world.


Syndigo solutions include: detailed and verified product information with audit analytics to help facilitate buying decisions; syndication of data to the GDSN utilizing GS1 global standards; retail optimization services for effective in-store floor planning and shelf merchandising; publishing of rich enhanced product content integrated into global eCommerce sites; and interactive tools to allow restaurants, foodservice brands and distributors, fitness apps, and nutritional platforms to organize and share nutrition data with their customers. For more information please visit


Media/Press Contact:
Patrick Niersbach, Vice President, Marketing