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Syndigo is the first Active Content Engine

Syndigo powers the continual flow of data and content throughout the entire commerce ecosystem— accelerating information so participants can increase sales on every shelf.

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Businesses struggle with managing increased data, channel and customer expectations.

They have been throwing money at fragmented systems to manage, distribute and measure product and customer information.

Data and content is constantly inaccurate, limited, outdated, or late, causing frustration for manufacturers, their trading partners, and ultimately consumers.

Syndigo is the Active Content Engine that enables a comprehensive solution for a future of personalization and customization.

Your content flows seamlessly,
across the entire ecosystem.

Products Move When Content Flows

Win every shelf with continuous optimization

The speed of commerce is fast and furious, changing constantly with valuable inputs coming from all sides–yet brands, retailers, distributors and their partners are often unable to access and benefit from these inputs. With Syndigo, customers rapidly assess and modify content to optimize performance using our unique integration of analytics throughout the entire product lifecycle—where analytics informs rapid improvements in content integrity and content engagement through a perpetual feedback loop. All with the goal to drive sales across every channel, on every shelf.

Control content and data flows at every point

The ultimate function of an end-to-end system is to create a unified customer experience, regardless of channel or platform. You need to control rapidly changing and complex processes, in order to personalize and customize your offerings at the speed of commerce. With the only comprehensive platform that is purpose-built to connect every aspect of the data and content lifecycle, Syndigo provides efficiency, visibility and control from creation to sale.

Harness exponential data growth

Both internal and external data – and the challenges of using them–are growing at an incredible rate, putting pressure on all technology to keep pace. With fragmented independent systems tied together, a minor change can cause cascading problems that are costly and time-consuming to fix. But, with Syndigo, you have a comprehensive solution that connects content and product data, plus customer and location domains, as well as organizational data, allowing you to holistically manage your business beyond product and commerce.

By starting with a leading Master Data Management configuration with robust multidomain capabilities, we provide stability and the means to scale to a continual flow of more and more information – giving competitive advantage to those who harness it.

Exactly what you need–with no trade-offs

We’ve put it all together—internal data governance, effective content delivery, plus performance feedback and optimization, all in one solution–to empower our clients to manage information quickly and seamlessly, without trade-offs or compromises. Our singular solution scales to the most complex, customizable systems, for any stage of ecommerce and content maturity.

We combine best-of-breed features with the only truly end-to-end platform for insight and convenience. Regardless of company role, content type, or industry vertical, we’re the only solution needed.

Leverage the largest global two-sided network

As the largest and most complete double-sided global network, Syndigo serves brands, retailers, distributors, partners and their customers, giving us a full working knowledge of the data as well as the context behind the data. We maintain, manage and distribute product information for over 130 million products, for more than 15,000 manufacturers, retailers and distributors—resulting in the most extensive network in the industry by far.

As the go-to solution for most major recipients, our clients can quickly distribute their information to any shelf, platform or marketplace. By powering client’s data throughout our comprehensive two-sided network, Syndigo ensures the right data is in the right place, in the right context, in near real-time.

Powering the continual flow of data and content

The Active Content Engine, powers the continual flow of content and data between brands, distributors, retailers, and their customers to improve real-time decision-making and accelerate sales on every shelf.
Active Content Engine

The Active Content Engine benefits the entire ecosystem

Manufacturers, Distributors, Retailers, Operators and other recipients all have access to the highest quality data and content to drive their businesses, with proper content compliance, seamless syndication across the largest global network, optimized product performance at the digital shelf, and rich media capabilities for increased sales.

The Active Content Engine enables you to meet the demands of the real-time economy, propelling the right information internally and externally to accelerate commerce.

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The only omnichannel solution


Commerce and consumer habits are changing. Do you have a strategy to keep up?

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