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Ignite Fireside Chat with Anheuser-Busch: Optimizing Product Content Across Retailer Sites

Ignite Fireside Chat with Anheuser-Busch: Optimizing Product Content Across Retailer Sites

At this year’s Ignite: Experiences virtual event, Whatever it Takes, we talked with leaders in the product content management space across multiple verticals. One vertical in particular that was covered in an intriguing fireside chat was the Beverage Alcohol industry.

Syndigo’s GM of Enhanced Content Solutions, Jennifer Ley, spoke one-on-one with DTC eCommerce Marketing Manager for Anheuser-Busch, Jamie Murray, about the best practices, challenges, and solutions when it comes to maximizing digital product content on multiple retailer websites. Especially in today’s eCommerce-heavy shopping era, this chat was an important one for brands and retailers alike to take note of.

If you missed the session, just check out the recap below—and keep reading for access to the recording, as well as alerts for future Ignite events!

Stand out with superior content

When asked about the process behind creating brand strategies, Murray commented that it’s all about driving a “consistent message across the board,” from mobile to desktop and everything in between. The key to that consistent messaging is, of course, top-notch content that best communicates the value and use of the product. With eCommerce activity being paramount for both brands and retailers nowadays, Murray expressed that the most important way to stand out is in the digital shelf space—and working closely with Syndigo, via the Content Experience Hub (CXH), has made that possible.

Brands, like Anheuser-Busch, that syndicate product content through CXH can have confidence that their content is being optimized and kept up to date. And for the retailers, that means getting the most compelling content to display on their sites. Success on the digital shelf is all about imagery, detailed descriptions, key words, and other elements that ensure a prominent presence across major retailers.

Timely campaigns matter

Murray gave some insight into the specific types of seasonal and event-based campaigns that make an impact in the Beverage Alcohol industry. She explained how Anheuser-Busch generates plenty of optimized content that’s “relevant to the moment,” citing real-life examples like the Super Bowl, March Madness, summertime, and so on. The imagery for each of these campaigns is unique and aligns appropriately with the season to connect with consumers on a relatable level (something that also drives consumer loyalty).

Ley then asked about lifecycle management and how Murray and her Anheuser-Busch teams manage that, from creation to syndication. Murray affirmed that a great deal of coordination is needed, and that having a syndication partner like Syndigo supports a streamlined process to align the many pieces involved. She also noted the importance of retailer partners being able to accept rich media, or Enhanced Content, as that ensures more engaging PDPs and that the brand can get such content to said recipient quickly.

A shared partnership boosts efficiency

One significant takeaway from this fireside chat was how the ease of the product content management process is dependent on the brand, the syndication partner, and the retailer working in sync. When it comes to the seasonal packaging changes that Murray referenced as a key component of Anheuser-Busch’s strategy, for instance, it’s crucial that the imagery for those updates gets to every participating retailer. With these often being national updates, a syndication partner for both the brand and recipient ensures that the compelling content will get to the necessary retailers efficiently and accurately.

Murray said her “number-one” piece of advice for brands and retailers to enhance the digital experience overall is to work with a syndication partner. For retailers, this step is crucial to make sure they’re receiving the highest-quality content possible from their supplier partners and displaying winning content on their sites that will convert. All in all, the technology and online experiences have to meet the market needs for ultimate, shared success.

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