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Ignite: What it’s all about

Ignite: What it’s all about

Recently we a launched our Ignite series of events and activities for clients and the industry. Hopefully you have seen an email or a social post on it. But maybe you’re still unsure what the deal is. So we’re here to clarify a few things.

First, Ignite is a multi-faceted program of experiences, insights and activities that will provide strategic insights and opportunities that help to build business practices throughout the year. This builds upon our pre-pandemic Ignite client event and is meant to help focus us all on the activities that are important to really sparking growth and change.

Why Ignite (the Word)?

It’s all about triggering new ways of thinking – not just “more of the same”, but rather giving a spark of an idea that can ignite action and challenge the status quo. The industry is changing quickly… and we believe these added resources can help you to answer the important questions and industry issues we come across as the industry continues to evolve.

Ignite is Syndigo’s multi-faceted program of events, activities and research that will provide strategic insights and opportunities to help to build business practices throughout the year.

Why Ignite (the Program)?

We launched our “Ignite” client event back in 2019, and it was a great success. We were able to share insights and discussions that helped clients with their business issues and gave us new ideas for growth as well. And while we looked to expand the event, 2020 changed all that (like a lot of programs). However, it also gave us an opportunity to evaluate the program and see how to leverage it with clients even more.

By leveraging the Ignite name to more material, we can share a sense of the potential for business acceleration. And we already have, with a number of new initiatives:

  • Ignite: Insights global story, released May 4, on product data and the customer experience. The survey reveals that companies still struggle to efficiently manage their product information. Syndigo commissioned Forrester consulting for the study.
  • Ignite: Insights webinar, May 18, highlighting the global study and implications for content management strategy in the future.
  • Ignite: Experiences virtual event titled, “Whatever It Takes,” June 3 featuring real stories of what leaders across the globe had to change within their operations, data systems, warehouses, and eCommerce sites to ensure growth and supply.

What does it cost?

That’s easy… Nothing! That’s right, for the low, low, price of zero dollars, you’ll be able to tune in, access and reference our suite of materials throughout the year. We believe in giving you more access to the insights that our experts have pulled together so that you can have the most productive end to end experience to drive your business forward.

We hope this added content reinforces our end-to-end vision of how we serve the industry as well as the way that we deliver insights and expertise to help both supplier and recipient clients. By helping both sides of the network we hope to see our clients gain knowledge to grow even faster.

The consumer goods and retail industries have recently accelerated their eCommerce activity due to the pandemic, which has led to more options for shoppers to find products online, and newer technology approaches to deliver and coordinate information.

We’ll be adding more Ignite materials and events throughout the year, so stay tuned. In the meantime, please let us know if there’s anything you’d like to see to help ignite your company’s performance!