Weightless Data – Understanding Zero Gravity

Liberate & Speed up Your Data – Start unlocking and navigating your company’s full potential

Gravity resulting from hierarchal structures is holding companies back from creating innovative data driven business models. This way, they are prevented from tapping into new markets and sales opportunities provided by new output channels. New and innovative business models based on a cloud-native framework, multitenant software-as-a-service are providing a new era of flexibility and elasticity.

Oftentimes, companies try to tackle modern communication needs by simply replacing their existing CMS or E-Commerce system. The truth is that the performance of even the most powerful distribution channel can only be as good as its data basis. You simply can’t do an enthralling two-hour magic show with just a hat and a rabbit – even if you have the most beautiful stage in Las Vegas.

The Group of Analysts

Data shouldn’t feel like quicksand. Turn Gravity on its head, embrace data weightlessness and connect the dots across your entire information supply chain. In this whitepaper, learn how your business can free itself from motionlessness.

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