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Accurate and complete product data is essential to building trust. Without it, your trading partners can face shipping delays, fewer shopper conversions, and gaps in product pages. Syndigo creates the high quality core content required by retailers and distributors and demanded by consumers, so you can count on a continual flow of verified data.

Working with All Types of Content

Core Content Creation & Verification

Whether brands supply content or Syndigo creates it, we ensure consistency across recipients and an accurate representation of each item. This includes photo imagery, weights and dimensions, ingredients, nutritional information, marketing claims, and other packaging information. Additionally, we verify all content for completeness, accuracy, and quality.

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Syndigo Created Content

Our content team of experts can create core product content, including photography, descriptions, and other information to meet the thousands of different recipient requirements. In addition, we can enrich product descriptions with as many as 171 million additional attributes, such as allergens, dietary compliance, SEO terms, warnings, and so on.

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Brand Created Content

Brands also have the option to deliver digital item assets through API, direct entry, and more. The Syndigo team will take it from there, error-proofing, checking for accuracy and consistency, and adding rich media if requested.

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The Syndigo Marketplace

If you’re in need of high-quality, ready-to-use product information and visual assets for your print or digital marketing, eCommerce site, or store, tap into the Syndigo Marketplace. It’s the world’s largest active database of verified and standardized product content.

Optimized Content

Go beyond core product imagery. Create an engaging image, lifestyle imagery, and mobile-ready content. With Optimized Content, clients can see up to a 39% increase in Add-To-Cart rates and a 18% sales lift.

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Optimized Hero

This is the main image on the page, so make it count. Highlight key points—unique features, differentiators, varieties, flavors, or scents—to focus the value proposition and remove noise.

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Relative Size Photos

Convey an accurate size of the product to help consumers make good decisions (and reduce returns).

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Lifestyle Imagery

Consumers want to see products in context. Showcase your product in real-world situations with appropriate background imagery or use traditional food photography for certain products.

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Claims & Feature/Benefit Imagery

Strengthen an image through feature benefits, call outs, uses, or nutrition.

CGI Content

Photorealistic Computer Generated Imagery (CGI) eliminates the need for shipping physical samples. With CGI, Syndigo can help brands deliver a completely new digital image set to a recipient as early as 12 weeks prior to an on-shelf date, rather than waiting for mechanical or physical samples.

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Flexible image assets

Once a master image is created, new labels can be swapped out quickly to produce variants.

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Multiple views

Get up to three angled marketing views and six flat-facing images.

Stylized Content

How appealing do your food products look? Great food photography can capture their sense of flavor and entice consumers to buy. We can artfully arrange your products so they look as good as they taste. This is especially helpful for bulk products sold for foodservice use or warehouse outlets.

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Ready-to-eat items with supporting elements.

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Simple prep (warming, brewing, etc.) with more supporting elements.

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Full preparation and cooking of items.

Nutritional Information & Wellness

With our help, clients and consumers can easily access and understand nutrition information. Syndigo brings together a staff of registered dietitians and one of the largest databases of nutrition information. This database includes a network of restaurant chains, foodservice providers and grocery stores covering more than 92% of food products in the US and Canada.

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Take advantage of relevant wellness attributes and claims, ensure claims are FDA compliant, and meet consumer expectations for transparency with SmartLabel.

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Comprehensive Nutritional Info

Access the world’s largest nutritional database for grocery, restaurant food, and common recipes. Use it to offer transparent, clear nutrition information for your app, website, or concept. (We also offer a consumer-facing, downloadable app.)

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Interactive Tools

Rely on Syndigo’s nutrition calculators, interactive menus, and allergen wizards, already in use by 600+ restaurant chains.

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Common Foods Database

Find nutritional equivalents for food prepared at home. Our in-house registered dietitians research, curate, and analyze recipes and share them via the database.

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Syndigo’s SmartLabel solution allows brands to streamline the process of compiling, managing, and auditing the nutrition, ingredient, and allergen information that consumers are interested in.

Brand Created Content

Syndigo’s Active Content Engine is flexible enough that you can use your existing brand-created content as well. Simply upload the assets and label information you already have, and Syndigo will ensure that it is validated, categorized and uploaded quickly. (Note: some retailer recipients will not accept brand-created content; however it will still be available to all who do accept it.)


“All the experiences that you can have in our boutiques, or even in the stores of our partners … we can recreate those into our D2C sites or even into our retailers or partner markets. It should be a really fun experience (online)”

–  L’Oreal LatAm 

Do you have a strategy for creating compelling content—easily and repeatedly?

We know what it’s like to wonder if you’ll ever be able to keep up with ever-evolving standards and expectations. Let us show you how we can help you create the right content for trading partners and consumers—without trade-offs.