Bayer Finds Prescription for e-Commerce Success With the Help of Syndigo


Bayer AG, a prominent life science company with over 160 years of history, is determined to excel in consumer health. With a goal of increasing its footprint in e-commerce, Bayer’s strategic approach involves optimizing customer experiences and streamlining syndication efforts. Recognizing the need for a more cohesive digital presence, Bayer partnered with Syndigo, which offered a comprehensive platform combining Product Information Management (PIM) and data syndication. This partnership yielded tangible results, enhancing the consistency and accuracy of product data across various online platforms.

Product Information Management

Aligning Product Information to Sustain Over 160 Years of Innovation and Growth

Bayer AG, one of the largest pharmaceutical companies in the world, is always looking to improve its processes and deliver better outcomes for its customers. Founded in 1863, the multinational corporation with its headquarters in Leverkusen, Germany has an array of businesses including consumer healthcare products, agricultural chemicals, and biotech products. But its core business is pharmaceuticals which has delivered arguably the most famous and ubiquitous pharmaceutical product in the world – the Aspirin tablet.

Driven by their vision of Health For All, Hunger For One, Bayer is focused on becoming the best consumer health company globally. As a part of their growth strategy, Bayer has increased their emphasis on e-commerce growth with an ambition to reach $1.2 billion in e-commerce sales by 2026. The leadership at Bayer recognizes that this growth will be made possible by two driving forces – the need to optimize product experience for their customers and streamline syndication efforts.

The Digital Team at Bayer noticed significant issues that they needed to fix if they were to achieve their e-commerce targets, the biggest of them being inconsistent product information. Their products were observed to have different images and attributes on different platforms which adversely impacted the shopping experience of Bayer’s customers. In the world of pharmaceuticals, it is absolutely critical that product data ranging from health claims to ingredients, dosages, instructions, product images, and more be correct and consistent wherever it is viewed so customers can confidently make the correct purchase.

Customers have consistently expressed their satisfaction with shopping for Bayer products in person, but that same satisfaction was not being seen on the digital side. Fixing this problem took center stage in their e-commerce efforts.

On the product data syndication side of the business, Bayer was eager to leverage their network of marketplace partners to boost their e-commerce revenue. Bayer competes across over 120 online stores and marketplaces that can help in increasing their digital presence. However, some of those marketplaces, like Amazon, are extremely demanding in terms of the type of data that is sent. There had to be an emphasis on cleaning up the product information while at the same time using the power of syndication as a force multiplier in achieving their revenue targets.

Product Information

A Strategic Partnership With Syndigo

To address these challenges with their digital commerce strategy, Bayer turned to Syndigo as a strategic partner. Syndigo’s platform enabled Bayer to work toward its e-commerce goals by delivering a single solution that combines Product Information Management (PIM) and syndication in one place.

PIM 101: From Data Management to Driver of Commerce

The impact of the partnership on both aspects of the e-commerce goals of Bayer was tangible and swift. The most direct impact was regarding streamlining and standardizing product data across various online marketplaces. Instead of products with unreliable images or attributes on different platforms, the Syndigo platform provided Bayer with a single source of truth about their product information. This has ensured that product information stays consistent across all channels, enabling Bayer to deliver a more engaging online experience for consumers across all their channels. Having a syndication component to the solution has enabled Bayer seamlessly transmit product information to all their e-commerce retailers and endpoints.


What I’m excited about is to finally enable this end-to-end ecosystem to our business, that we can just click and the next minute it’s shown on Amazon Live.

Christian Beckers
Global Digital Program Lead, PXM

But beyond these direct results, what the team at Bayer really appreciated was the insights they got into their overall selling process. With Syndigo’s PIM, Bayer not only got a look into the e-commerce side of the business but into the commerce in the brick-and-mortar stores as well. As with their other customers, with Bayer, Syndigo went beyond the role of a software vendor. Syndigo leveraged their considerable knowledge and experience and played the role of a guide with Bayer, sharing industry insights and best practices to help Bayer navigate the complex e-commerce landscape.

Bayer Syndigo

We have lifted the level PIM to PXM to really think broadly. By that, we are now also telling the broad story to our business, which is much more resonating and also is allowing us to connect the dots better.

Christian Becker
Global Digital Program Lead, PXM at Bayer

With their e-commerce journey well on its way toward their target, Bayer is excited for the future. Bayer is well on its way to achieving its vision of Health For All, Hunger For None.