The Impacts of Free Listings at Google for Brands and Retailers

Since the eCommerce boom of 2020, Google Shopping has taken action to meet consumer expectations. A major piece of this has been the transition from ads to free listings—something that’s very advantageous for brands who want to appear on Shopping Property and Google Search results pages.

For any product, content matters: the more you elevate your online product experiences, the more engagement—and conversions—you’re likely to draw. But it’s not just about content: it’s about making sure people get to it in the first place. A consumer-first approach is what Google’s free listings are all about, ultimately to help brands be seen and buyers find what they need.

Google and Syndigo have teamed up to make sure companies can effectively syndicate their content, enhance that content and ensure it pops up in search results where they want it. Join our webinar to hear experts from Google and Syndigo talk about:

  • How Google and Syndigo’s partnership is transforming eCommerce to make buying decisions easier
  • Different ways to leverage SEO for higher impressions, more clicks and increased add-to-cart rates
  • The key to seamlessly syndicating to Google while meeting the right data requirements
  • Why rich, accurate and up-to-date content effectively meets consumer expectations and boosts brand loyalty

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