Analytics Report Builder

Empower Your Data Strategy

Customize Your Analytics Reporting

Within the heart of our platform, you’ll find a suite of invaluable tools to enhance your data strategy. Our robust Report Builder includes an array of tools, real-time alerts and versatile APIs to supercharge your data analysis, keep you informed, and seamlessly integrate insights into your operations.

Turn Data into Custom Insights: Report Builder,
Alerts, and APIs

Syndigo’s standard analytics reports already provide a wide range of insights for managing your business. With our report building tools, you can add more flexibility for your data-driven success.

Report Builder

Export live site data from CXH to CSV files, enabling data analysis tailored to your
business needs.


Receive daily summaries or real-time notifications of status changes, ensuring you always have a pulse on your catalog.


Seamlessly integrate essential insights into your internal dashboards and reporting systems with powerful API connections.

Customized Experience

Tailor your data analysis to meet the unique needs of your business. 

Seamless Integration

Combine data-driven insights into
your daily operations.