Dorel Streamlines Product Content Management


An End-to-End Solution: Taking eCommerce to the Next Level

As eCommerce has grown, so has Dorel’s investment in the space. A market leader, Dorel wanted to go even further in growing and optimizing its online business. The company looked at two initial areas to improve online performance:

  • Measuring and improving performance on key performance indicators, including out of stock, buy box ownership, content quality, and search rankings.
  • Increasing the quality of its item pages by including multiple high-resolution images and comprehensive product descriptions.

To accomplish its ambitious eCommerce goals, Dorel required a comprehensive platform. Although the company has access to many point solutions and a variety of different tools, Dorel was looking for a way to access everything in one place. They also wanted to reduce the tedious, manual work associated with updating product pages using cumbersome spreadsheets, naming image files manually, and having buyers place more orders only to find out too late that those items were going out of stock.

Improving Content Quality

As more and more shoppers start their purchase journey online, quality content on retailer item pages has become increasingly important. Studies show that product imagery is the top consideration factor for online shoppers, ranking even higher than online reviews. Many time shoppers don’t even think about how important images are in the online purchase process – until they’re not there or they’re faced with low-resolution images that are hard to see. Images, video, and product descriptions provide the best alternative to being able to interact with a product before making a purchase decision.

Walking the digital aisle across a growing assortment of products would be inefficient without this platform. Syndigo delivers a fast path to actionable insights.

David Lewis, Site Experience Director

Prior to using Syndigo, Dorel site experience managers would have to visit each item page to check for the presence or absence of key content elements, maintain a list of items that had opportunities for improvement, and work in hard to use spreadsheets or supplier portals to make the improvements. Then, they had to revisit those item pages every few days to see if changes had gone live. For content and brand integrity, it’s important to know if and when brand assets go live on a retailer site, and Dorel had to perform these repetitive manual tasks on an on-going basis. As a result, Dorel managers had little time to focus on their merchandising strategy and improving shopper experience.

Dorel embarked on an initiative to streamline the workflows associated with its content management and updating capabilities, automating the syndication of content to key retailer partners as well as the brand integrity checking to ensure that content had gone live.

Automating Workflows

Dorel site experience managers now review their opportunities for content improvement using easy to use Content Integrity reports. The report extracts relevant information from multiple retailers and item pages, and consolidates it into a simple, easy-to-use report.

Product Content Management

Customers can simply click on the identified opportunities and make content edits, which are then submitted directly to the retailer partners, and go live in as quickly as 24 hours.

In just seven weeks, Dorel was able to improve its number of SKUs in good content standing by 146%, as measured by Syndigo’s industry-standard VendorSCORTM.

$2.6B company achieves 380% return on investment in less than two months using Syndigo to stream line eCommerce workflows.

Automation continues beyond content management and syndication, with Dorel leveraging Syndigo for insights into out of stocks, pricing, and buy box ownership. Previously, Dorel sales managers had to manually check for item availability by visiting individual item pages from their web browsers. Visiting hundreds of pages on a daily basis was highly inefficient and time consuming.

Now with automated alerts, Dorel sales managers receive notification right away when items go out of stock and can quickly take action to get sales back on track. Dorel has been able to reduce out of stock rates as a result.

Dorel is looking to expand the use of Syndigo to more teams across the company, including locations in more than 20 countries. “Efficiently managing our business across a large assortment of items can be credited to Syndigo,” says Lewis. “We look forward to further leveraging the benefits of the platform as our eCommerce growth continues.”

About Dorel

An improved quality of life dramatically increases happiness and the time available to spend with friends, family and loved ones. Dorel provides consumers worldwide with access to high quality, competitively-priced goods for the home, family, and outdoors.

Dorel Industries completed its initial public offering in 1987 following the merger of Dorel Co. Ltd., a juvenile products company, and Ridgewood Industries, a ready to assemble furniture company. Since then, Dorel has grown steadily, both organically and through a series of strategic acquisitions. The company’s well-known brands include Signature Sleep mattresses in home, Cannondale and Schwinn in sporting goods, and its premium line of Maxi-Cosi car seats in juvenile, among many others.