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Klein Tools Knows the Right Tool for Managing Product Content

Investing in the quality and treatment of product data to save hours spent on data entry and free up time for content enrichment…


Known for its popularity with workers in the electrical and telecommunications industries, Klein Tools has been an industry leader in hand tool manufacturing since its founding in 1857.

Klein Tools selected Syndigo for its best-in-class taxonomy to categorize their product content and streamline syndication to their recipients.

The Challenge

Klein Tools managed their product content through a product information (PIM) tool, exporting content through customized spreadsheets for each of their individual retail channels. Over a decade ago, Klein identified an opportunity to improve the way they processed their content by partnering with Syndigo.

We have Syndigo platform as a single point of entry to get our content out quickly and easily to multiple business partners.


The Solution

Single source of truth: Syndigo’s CXH platform saved time and resources for Klein Tools by moving all product content management functions into a single platform, and away from their previous process of customizing spreadsheets for each sales channel.

Industry-leading taxonomy: By using the Syndigo taxonomy to categorize and sort the content that was housed in their PIM, Klein Tools cut redundant steps out of their product content management process and increased the accuracy of their content via data quality validations, ensuring completeness and correctness before distribution.

The Results

By implementing Syndigo’s CXH, Klein Tools saved hours that would otherwise be spent on data entry and maintenance, freeing up time for content enrichment.

Ultimately, this accurate, rich, and timely product content has enabled Klein to increase sales by 40% through one of their retail channels.

Plus, other sales channels are coming to Syndigo to request Klein Tools’ product content because of its accuracy and consistency.