NewAge Products Inc. Finds Truth in Data Integration

NewAge Products produces modular cabinets for work and storage – for kitchens, garages, laundry rooms, patios and other outdoor spaces. These products can be combined with one another so customers can create a distinctive space that is just right for them. As a primary leader in their industry, NewAge provides high-quality storage and lifestyle products, sold through major online retailers such as The Home Depot, Costco, Amazon, Wayfair, Lowes, and Sam’s Club, as well as their own eCommerce site.

However, with so many SKUs and retailer partnerships, NewAge also needed to be able to manage a large amount of data and relationships, which was a challenge.

“There wasn’t ‘one version of the truth’. We had data sitting all over the place,” said Shay Carriere, Creative Director for NewAge. “People had misinformation internally because we didn’t have that kind of built-in framework.”

Together, Syndigo and NewAge were able to reduce operational inefficiencies, which allowed them to bring products to market faster across all retail partners. This provided a more consistent user experience across different retailer website requirements.

“We made a conscious decision to find the appropriate tools that met all our needs, and cut the rest,” said Carriere. “Automation, reporting and analytics used to be a way more painful processes, and they limited our ability to drive improvements.”

Today, the company has a more streamlined process that aligns with their online ordering, making it faster and easier for homeowners to purchase their high-quality organizational products. NewAge is able to spend less time looking at the data and comparing sites, and instead understanding more about how the content is performing, where there are deficiencies, and planning how to improve and drive forward change.

We spoke with Shay Carriere to learn how his team approaches building content for their customers to engage with, as well as how they have partnered with Syndigo to improve their data quality and speed to market with content that engages their target consumers.