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Avondale Decor

Relevance and Creativity: Key Elements to an Engaging Experience

For sellers of unique niche products, it’s critical to be able to tell the brand story in a way that both informs shoppers while getting the “boutique” story across.

Avondale Decor is the owner of household goods manufacturer Allied Brass, which for seven decades, has crafted its line of distinctive kitchen and bath fixtures and accessories. The products they manufacture and sell are made for individual shoppers’ tastes, rather than mass market installation. So it’s critical to both provide very specific information on the product’s details as well as tell a bigger and more engaging story about how each SKU can fit within a consumer’s plans.

For much of his career, Robert Andris, Director of Business Development, has had his hands on the product – literally. He started as a manufacturer of items for Allied Brass, and now is responsible for sales at Avondale Décor.

Avondale’s story is one of growing out of brick-and-mortar boutiques, and into larger channels while also going directly to the consumer through eCommerce sellers. In today’s online-first world, Avondale knew they needed to reinvent as an eCommerce brand and that the product information had to be at the core.

One of the challenges at first was how to deliver the brand’s benefits directly to the shopper without an experienced salesperson or detailed product catalogs. Fortunately, the growth in core and enhanced product content has helped companies like Avondale create more engaging and immersive experiences for their shoppers.

And with upwards of 44,000 SKUs, the ability to sell online was a dream come true – once the product information was there. The online aspect in some cases surpassed the expertise of the store sales reps, because the message was getting directly to the consumer.

“Enhanced content is something that’s very relevant… so you can tell the brand story as well as the product story.” — Robert Andris, Director of Business Development

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