Orca Pacific – Delivering for Clients Effectively in a Sea of Change

Orca Pacific is a global Amazon and ecommerce marketing services company based in Seattle. During the past 13 years, Orca Pacific has helped top consumer brands grow their Amazon business through their direct Amazon expertise and technology.

Orca’s approach focuses on the online customer journey, focusing on each shopper’s path to purchase. The company combines relevant advertising with compelling content and sound operations practices to build a sustainable growth path for clients promoting on Amazon and across the eCommerce landscape.

“The consumer’s path to purchase really is nonlinear, so we saw a lot of value in really making sure all our clients’ content across these different marketplaces is best in class and is accurate,” said Preston Keaton, Senior Director of Advertising and Content. “As these consumers go to the different places and have these different touch points, we want to make sure the brand equity is as strong as possible and really up to date in regards to product.”

As their success grew with Amazon eCommerce, the company knew that their clients could benefit by applying their processes to other online sellers as well. “We wanted a way to service our clients that were looking for content optimization for their product listings on e-tailers beyond Amazon,” said CEO and company founder John Ghiorso. “Our clients trust Orca, knowing core to our expertise is following best practices for the customer journey.”

The pandemic helped to accelerate this journey, by focusing businesses on eCommerce as a way for consumers to get their essentials as physical stores were being impacted during the lockdown.

“We wanted to extend the capability to service our clients for content beyond Amazon, offering our brands and sellers to reach consumers on all e-retail platforms,” said Ghiorso. “We were working diligently over the last several months to allow for this capability.”

Their only challenge: Finding the right tool and partner for Orca Pacific to help their customers utilize their services, optimizing content and syndicating to all popular online retailers.

Enter Syndigo.

With a broader recipient network and demonstrated platform of solutions, Orca’s team can focus on optimization strategy, while Syndigo’s technology does the heavy lifting. By partnering with Syndigo, Orca Pacific can extract data about how online shoppers are interacting with content across eCommerce platforms. And seeing how customers interact with content allows the company to demonstrate the success of their content optimization, adding an additional level of value for our clients.

With Syndigo, our teams can more easily distribute content to different marketplaces and scale digital commerce strategies quicker than ever before continued Ghiorso. “This is important because a unified brand voice is extremely important for continuity at the brand and product level.”

And as more eCommerce marketplaces emerge, brands will need to speak to their unique selling propositions, depending on the channels they use. For Orca Pacific, this includes global expansion.

The company has expanded their program to understand advertising media spend and management on Walmart and Instacart, in addition to content optimization and syndication capabilities to Walmart, Amazon, Target, Lowes, Costco, CVS, Walgreens, Best Buy, THD, Wayfair, Kohl’s, and Pet Smart.

Check out what else John Ghiorso and Preston Keaton had to say about their challenges and the expansion of Orca Pacific’s services with Syndigo.