Planogram Development

Generate gold standard planograms that boost sales, maximize your shelf space, and deliver consumer-centric experiences.

Enabling the shopper path to purchase requires accurate and complete planograms.

From support for unplanned surges to a fully outsourced planogram solution, Syndigo’s trained category management support will help improve your profitability and successfully deliver effective planograms.

With our planograms, you can strategically maximize your shelving and expedite the consumer’s buying process.

Revolutionize In-Store Profitability with Perfect Planograms

We provide all the necessary dimensions and product images, across categories and compatible with all major space management software.

Our in-house experts have designed more than 640,000 planograms for several decades and can create the optimal one for your store.

Plus leverage our leading product database of over 1 million current grocery, health & beauty category level items.

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