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How to Win in Retail with CXH: A 5-Minute Overview

How to Win in Retail with CXH: A 5-Minute Overview

We all know eCommerce has been growing for quite some time, but after the shifts in 2020, online shopping truly became the go-to. Moreover, retail as we knew it, transformed. If you’ve read our blueprint for How to Win in Retail, you know how Syndigo’s Content Experience Hub (CXH) platform is supporting today’s need for compelling product content, streamlined processes, and transparency.

When it specifically comes to helping retailers, we’ve served as a partner to thousands of them as they’ve faced their top challenges, such as driving revenue, increasing brand loyalty, and staying ahead of the competition. CXH is designed to address these priorities and so much more!

Watch our fireside chat with Katie Gallo, Syndigo’s Director of Retail Client Development, to learn more about how CXH makes it simple for retailers to succeed in this fast-paced, digital market with the smart application of Vendor Onboarding Data, Operational Data, and Selling Data.

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Whether you are a supplier looking to integrate with more online sellers, or a retailer/distributor who wants to improve the content experience for shoppers while understanding performance across product pages, Syndigo can help you manage your programs with a comprehensive platform solution. With Content Experience Hub, we can help you create, manage, distribute, enhance and optimize product information for better performance.

Be on the lookout for more client discussions in the future!