Syndigo Customer Domain MDM

Harness your customer information to create a unified customer experience, regardless of channel or platform. It’s your brand’s investment in making your customers happier with intelligent data, so you can make every conversation count.

Customer Domain MDM

Deliver superior customer experiences with 360-degree insights right where you want them.

Customer MDM: 360-degree view of customer

Unify data.
Activate personalized experiences.

Customer Graphs: Automated orchestration

Define user intent.
Craft the experience.

Customer Insights: Contextual Recommendations

Useful data.
Intelligent insights.

App Marketplace: Unlimited growth

Extend and customize.
In present and future.

Customer MDM: 360-degree view of customer

Manage data and handle customer insights with a flexible system architecture that results in a single view of the entities you’re interested in through a single source.


Create and collect customer identities from multiple sources and stitch them together with AI-powered Match and Merge algorithms, to identify and remove duplicate records. Build a persistent customer profile.


Standardize data management process and improve data quality with validation from external sources that impact your actions on CX, retention, and revenue growth.


Govern golden records of data with business KPIs, intelligent automation, and workflows.

Customer Graphs: Automated orchestration

Connect your customer experience data to uncover trends, drive quality engagement, and optimize performance.

Customer Hierarchies

Customer Hierarchies enable you to view customer details and hierarchical relationships as well as access transactional pages to take action.


Householding or grouping customers together into “decision units” enables you to capture sentiment and run targeted campaigns or pitch relatable service offerings to the same household members.

Journey Mapping

Journey Mapping creates visual maps of a customer’s relationship with your brand or product over time and across different channels so you can deliver the outcomes your customer desires.

Customer Insights: Contextual Recommendations

Scale faster to personalize and customize your offerings at the speed of commerce, predict next-best-actions that guide customers to their desired outcomes while enabling your team members to perform their best.


Contextualize and hyper-personalize your product data based on customer journey maps.


Recommendation tools help you understand your customers automate any action and create the best possible experience for them.

App Marketplace: Unlimited growth

Future-proof your business by leveraging the Syndigo App Marketplace or by building your own Apps to grow, scale, and customize to get more value from your investment.

Product Experiences

Apps to create a more unified customer experience for those interacting with your brand.


Provide trusted, accurate, and complete data to all your selling channels and enterprise systems.

Content Services

Leverage public and private data services to radically improve product content.

Customer Intelligence

Drive hyper-personalization, discover relationships and insights, and understand and know your customer better to increase customer experience.

Data Quality

Improve customer data quality with industry sources and increase regulatory compliance.

Benefits of Customer Domain MDM


Create successful campaigns by targeting contacts on a more personal and relevant level.


Create offers and promotions based on historical engagement for greater predictability of results.


Improve customer experience by reducing the time your service teams spend resolving issues.

Join the largest, global two-sided network of brands + recipients

Syndigo can help you plug in, orchestrate the right ecosystem for your business, and deliver better customer experiences. Where others are niche and narrow, we deliver the only solution that realizes the entirety of ‘end-to-end’ and omnichannel capabilities, with compelling results.


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Alex Ives, Director of Enterprise Systems at Boden
Selecting Syndigo with its future proof PIM, eliminated the risk of a disruptive and costly upgrade later.
Alex Ives, Director of Enterprise Systems at Boden
Erik Cuypers
Syndigo’s PIM/DAM and MDM systems support our 200K products, 500 suppliers, and 100 users workflow in an omnichannel environment and integrated architecture.
Erik Cuypers, CIO