L’Oreal: Back to the Basics Can Be Glamorous

Back to the Basics can be Glamorous: Learning from L’Oreal in LatAm

Even within the highly competitive beauty category, where style and glamour is expected in every image, video and other type of Enhanced Content, it’s important to get the basics right. Seemingly simple things like the availability of color options or product contents are a huge influencer in a shopper’s purchase.

Beauty leader L’Oreal has focused their efforts on both, ensuring their Core Content is precise for all their online outlets, whether a D2C website or through one of their many retail partners around the world.

We had a chance to catch up with Ramon Xutgla, eCommerce Manager, Latam Zone for L’Oreal, and chat about some of the challenges of recreating an in-store experience online.

For us it’s really important to have an omnichannel experience for our customers. — amon Xutgla, L’Oreal

“All the experiences that you can have in our boutiques, or even in the stores of our partners … we can recreate those into our D2C sites or even into our retailers or partner markets.”

L’Oreal have been investing heavily in advanced technology capabilities, including augmented reality that lets shoppers virtually “try on” a new color or shade of makeup or hair color, as well as other interactive other capabilities to help a customer narrow down and select the products they want based on their own skin tones and occasions.

“It should be a really fun experience (online)”, said Xutgla.

However, it’s not all about the latest technology. L’Oreal also is investing with great focus on the basics, which includes complete and accurate Core Content, and if it’s available, using customer ratings and reviews, plus analytics including share of search and pricing evaluations.

Right now we’re really invested, and have a focus on the basics… in all the content that we display in our marketplaces and our retailers.

In terms of future metrics, the current environment brought on by COVID-19 is also driving L’Oreal’s plans. “We really need to be smart investing in media,” continued Xutgla, “and there are two or three different KPIs that we will be looking at.” These include customer acquisition cost, Net Promoter Score (NPS) and Lifetime Customer Value.