The Journey to Content Excellence: A Conversation with Church & Dwight

A Conversation with Church & Dwight

For Syndigo’s most recent Content Excellence Award winners Church & Dwight, the road to good content was a multi-year experience. Over the past two years, the consumer goods leader in household and personal care products set on a course to improve their content processes through a company-wide approach that resulted in a more complete content set and better overall consumer experience.

Syndigo had the opportunity to meet with several of the Church & Dwight content leaders responsible for their transformation to understand the important elements for developing a winning content program; some of the challenges along the way; and how a focus on both core and enhanced content can help bring an in-store consistency to the online experience.

Church & Dwight has partnered with Syndigo

Here are Josh Rosen, Senior Digital Strategy Manager and Holly Pfeifer, Global Digital Marketing Technology Manager, discussing the importance of tying the in-store and online experiences together and the role that Product Information Management plays in that process.

The team’s drive to improve didn’t come without challenges, obviously. Church & Dwight worked together to ensure that they were not just filling in existing information gaps, but instead working from the ground up to build a content process that could expand as their needs for sharing content grew.

Even though you have that ‘infinite canvas’ [online]… You have to be disciplined with what you create…You have to be prepared to be able to offer more information if a consumer wants to dig in. — Josh Rosen

Bringing “in-store” online is now an essential part of the Church & Dwight content strategy. As consumers continue to search, shop and order items from mobile devices or remotely from a physical store, the Product Detail Page has become more important. PDPs today must serve multiple needs – the need for item fast recognition, as well as the ability to host in-depth information including comparison charts, usage videos and customer reviews, to drive the ever-important add-to-cart rates.

As the need for content grows, business users also need more intuitive user interfaces that can manage all the information efficiently, whether ingesting new content, managing and syndicating existing content, or using analytics to optimize PDPs. Here, Frank Rosario, Retail eCommerce Manager, and Holly Pfeifer discuss consumer needs and the data challenges that occur as a result.

Speed is the name of the game, especially in the current climate that we’re in… We’re able to get our customers the content they need, as quickly as possible. — Holly Pfeifer

In addition, using analytics to improve content health were key to the Church & Dwight plan to drive results. Here are some insights from Josh Rosen and Frank Rosario on the importance of working to ensure good recipient data, and the importance of support within the organization.

Church & Dwight set many specific targets to improve their overall content, including activating Syndigo’s eCommerce analytics solutions; training cross-functional teams on the new processes within the organization; increasing the average number of images by more than 50%; and improving their overall Content Health score to 91% in six months – one of the top improved clients across Syndigo’s more than 14,000 customers.

We wanted to ensure we were raising the bar and ensuring our content was helping drive conversions, as those consumers made purchase decisions on our products. — Frank Rosario