Back To School: Is Your Product Content an A+?

July 27, 2001

How to ensure your product pages are the best for these shoppers

The next big shopping season is fast approaching (for households with school-age children, anyway). Back-to-School season, wedged between Independence Day and Labor Day, is a prime selling season, especially for hardlines. Students of all ages – from elementary to college – will be looking at new apparel, school supplies, small electronics, bedding, and furniture to start the school year. According to estimates from credit company Mastercard, overall retail sales from July to mid-September are expected to rise more than 5% over last year, and nearly 7% up from 2019.

Competition will be tough as well – with more students moving back to in-person learning after a year of remote, demand is sure to be high and suppliers will need to be ready. Even retailers are getting in to the back-to-school game with their own lines. Walmart recently announced their back-to-school push with private brand Pen + Gear, for consumables like calendars, planners, and other necessities.

Now is the time to make sure your Enhanced Content is making the grade. Here are a few things to consider.

In 2021, eCommerce sales are expected to account for 18.1% of retail sales worldwide.

Show Your Intelligence & Style

Average or ‘good-enough’ product detail pages (PDPs) simply list out product details, features and benefits, and the standard required images. This is the kind of page that purely meets requirements for being listed. However, you don’t want to just be ‘on the page’. To drive better sales to an audience that is already primed to buy, you want to maximize your opportunity. Keep them on the page with a more intelligent approach that goes beyond the facts and figures.

Although stores are beginning to open up, shoppers are also now used to viewing products online. If you can present them with a PDP that lets them dig deep to research the details of the item, as well as engage with it through interactive hotspots, videos, demonstrations, or other interactive features, you can help to increase your conversions.

Best Practices for Enhanced Content

Looking for an easy list that you can share with colleagues? Check out the Enhanced Content list.

Educate with Different Content Types

Schools are a place to learn and grow, and your PDP should reflect that. Syndigo has found that simply having Enhanced Content on your page gives a conversion lift by 90% when shoppers are exposed to it, based on A/B testing across multiple categories and content types. And, we have seen an up to a 390% conversion rate increase ​when shoppers engage with the rich content​ on your PDP. Two things are clear: You need Enhanced Content to boost your sales, and you need to experiment to see what works best.

Thankfully, Syndigo can support many different Enhanced Content widgets, including:




Make sure you’re mobile ready – leverage Syndigo’s new adaptive (Device Targeting) feature!

Connect to the Shopping List

For college students, universities often provide lists of what to bring. How many related items does your company produce? Providing lifestyle images with multiple products (as Engaging Heroes) can highlight the value of multiple purchases.

Even for those not about to leave home, fresh in-room items can be targeted to the pre-university set. To build excitement for back-to-school, new bedding or desk accessories can give any student’s room a fresh look. Consider imagery that includes different school-age groups to expand your audience.


Adapt to Different Devices

Syndigo’s platform embraces adaptive technologies for your product detail pages, which means that you can deliver more personalized brand experiences dependent on each user’s device. You can optimize your product page with images built for specific viewing formats and device screen sizes. For example, mobile imagery can be sized appropriately for a vertical format while desktops can be formatted for wider two-column layouts. This helps to reinforce your overall brand standards while improving readability, which upholds the shopper’s experience. Learn more about Syndigo’s adaptive capabilities.

With CXH, you can control the entire product detail page from top to bottom. Leverage the core product information and enhanced assets you already have to drive more sales. Back-to-School offers a prime opportunity for Hardlines suppliers to leverage Enhanced Content and deliver on an eCommerce experience that improve sales.

Ask for a demo of CXH today and see how you can be a leader with A+ content.

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