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In-Store Solutions

Turn your stores into profit centers.

When shoppers enter your stores, expedite shopping experiences with easy to find and informative labels, effective floor layouts, and planograms designed by our team of merchandising experts.

Syndigo helps brands and retailers communicate more effectively at the point of purchase, making it easier for customers to shop while improving store performance in stocking and ordering efficiency.

We bring clarity to the in-store experience and maximize the efficiency of your resources. Our seasoned team of professionals are on standby from conceptualization to activation of your in-store programs. 

Syndigo’s In-Store Solutions, with accurate content powered by the Active Content Engine, bring clarity to the in-store experience.

Planogram Development

Revolutionize in-store profitability with perfect planograms that maximize shelf space and deliver consumer-centric omnichannel experiences. Our experts have designed 600K+ planograms and have 130+ years experience.

Floor & Space Planning

Whether you’re looking for a fully outsourced solution or overflow support, our floor planning service team removes the guesswork from designing configurations to ensure you have an accurate amount of space available for your product assortment.

Shelf Strips & Tags Creation

Gain the trust of shoppers with shelf strips that are clearly marked with prices, item descriptions and corresponding pictures to help them easily identify products on the shelf.

"After analyzing data and existing shelf space, Perfetti Van Melle, with Syndigo's team determined that the competitor's shelf sets removed some of the most profitable items in the category. By adding these critical items back on the shelf, the team saw a potential increase to the overall category sales."

Perfetti Van Melle

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