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Hear from our clients

Fredrik Larsson

We are thrilled to partner with Riversand and to share their portfolio of Data Management solutions to new and existing customers. Nexer provides strategy, tech and communication, all through cutting-edge digital solutions, ensuring our clients are not just part of the change, but rather being ahead of it. Riversand’s innovative multi-domain cloud-native platform will help them make that shift.

Yogesh Joshi

Wipro’s partnership with Syndigo has created value for leaders across the most demanding industries to unlock new business value from their data to improve productivity and customer experiences. The global scale and expertise of our partnership provides clients the benefit of generating faster-time-to-value today while we continue to collaborate and co-innovate to further strengthen our partnership and value to clients for the future.

Nils Kijkuit

Collaborating with Riversand offers retailers, CPGs, and healthcare/pharmaceutical companies a forward-thinking and comprehensive cloud-native software, teamed with our proven record in successful implementation delivery.

Adam Arbour

Our partnership with Syndigo is like 2 pieces of a puzzle. Individually we contribute to the solution, but together we complete the picture.

Santhosh Subramaniam

Product information and its dissemination to different channels in an effective manner is vital. Being an industry veteran, I do recognize Syndigo as one of the leading service providers in this area

Satya Nadella

When done right, partnering grows the pie for everyone - for customers, yes, but also for each of the partners.