Carrefour and Mars Wrigley Enhanced Content Experience

May 11, 2021
Enhanced Content

Syndigo Global Spotlight: France

E-commerce sales have more than doubled in France since 2014, from $57 billion to $115 billion in 2020, a staggering growth. And it’s not just that people are buying more, but also that more people are buying online. The e-commerce penetration rate, currently 15%, is expected to rise to 25% by 2025. This represents an increase of 67% in five years.

During the lockdown, e-commerce allowed millions of French consumers to make their purchases while staying at home. Over the eight weeks of lockdown they were able to access what they needed to feed themselves, work remotely, stay in touch with their loved ones and allow their children to attend school at home.

In response to this shift in shopping patterns, Carrefour has overhauled its drive-by pick-ups, as well as next-day and express delivery – both of which are proving extremely popular. Demand for online shopping is in turn driving the eCommerce experience—and behind every great shopping experience there are great PDPs and content.

Last month, industry experts from Syndigo in conjunction with E-Commerce Nation France, retail giant Carrefour and global brand Mars Wrigley co-hosted a webinar to discuss their experiences with online shopping trends and how rich digital product content can drive conversion and lift online sales. With hundreds of registrants, general interest and participation was strong and positive with key observations and questions on functionality and support.

Hanane Ouhmmou, Manager E-Merchandising – Strategy, said “not only are Carrefour sales growing but they are also displaying great content thanks to Syndigo, with zero technical effort. ”.. The Enhanced Content is created and managed directly by the brands in Syndigo’s Content Experience Hub (CXH) platform and then published directly to Carrefour’s PDPs. From a technical perspective, this content syndication process is seamless.

By leveraging Engaging Hero, Carrefour can deliver interactive areas on the main product image; these hotspots highlight essential product information visually on the corresponding part of the product image. Such interaction entices shoppers to engage quicker and helps them learn the details they need to make a successful buying decision. With a lot of information packed in a small space, Contextual Hotspots can open different windows that can contain more Enhanced Content, including rich media like the product videos and 360-spins, as well as feature/benefit captions and other informative elements that consumers can engage with.

E-Commerce Content

Alexandra Caillon, Manager E-Commerce, Mars Wrigley explained how they are using Enhanced Content to tell the story of their brands and values (environment, health) and credit the significant growth in sales to this content. “It’s very important for Mars Wrigley to help buyers understand the story and message behind their products; Enhanced Content is the perfect medium to achieve this, in an engaging, interactive, and visually appealing way,” said Caillon.

During the Q&A session, it was evident there is an appetite for more information on Enhanced Content and best practices. Participants were curious why Carrefour partnered with Syndigo. Hanane Ouhmmou confirmed:

It (Syndigo) is a great way to quickly and efficiently have all this high-quality extra content delivered through Syndigo without any additional load on our development roadmap. This partnership allows us to be quick and reactive from a content perspective.”

Meanwhile, Mars Wrigley FR confirmed Enhanced Content is “in their top four priorities, from a product content perspective; “Syndigo has helped us enormously in achieving our goal, not only in increasing our sales conversions, but also to help further our product content strategy”.

Enhanced Content, such as interactive product tours, videos, interactive content, feature/benefit captions and other informative elements on PDPs drive 39% conversion lift more shopper conversion than those without. And when shoppers interact with that rich media, conversion rates jump more than 300%. Engaging Hero content like Contextual Hotspots can create an additional 8% conversion lift compared to In-Line Content.

There was absolute agreement that an enhanced and engaging pre-purchase experience online drives customers to buy products. Enjoying a close partnership with Syndigo, both Carrefour and Mars Wrigley have realized a significant increase in the sales conversion related to products with Enhanced Content.

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