Freeing your team from manual data integration

May 14, 2021
data integration
How to reduce risk and increase efficiency in product content management

Get your product in front of more eyes: that’s the goal of an impactful brand marketing strategy. But you already know it requires so much more than an appealing brand story, aesthetically pleasing visuals, and a connection to an audience. It involves accurate product content management. Because if you want your product to stand a chance in the current e-commerce ecosystem, your product data needs more than just a traditional PIM solution. It needs to seamlessly connect you to your customers.

You could – and you might – have a whole team dedicated to ensuring that your product data is complete, accurate, and in the right format for each retailer, you work with. They might spend hours triple checking every image description, product spec, and possible point of comparison so that it all aligns in your PIM platform. And, they still might get it wrong, which can cost you revenue.  

But revenue and customer loyalty aren’t the only things that stand to be lost with inefficient content management, inaccurate data, and patchwork partnerships.  

Bridge the silos that waste time

Everyone on your team – marketing, data quality, e-commerce, category management, and product development – is working towards the same goal. However, budgets are what they are and resources are limited. You can never give them more hours in a day, but you can give the processes and tools that connect their priorities.  

Instead of duplicating similar tasks across multiple departments and systems, a more complete content management and syndication solution will give your teams a shorter checklist, fewer errors and redundancies, and hours back in their day. Better yet, ensure that your data input is working for your retailer partners the first time, eliminating poor ranking or even worse, your items being removed from the digital shelf. 

Recoup lost revenue with complete and accurate data

The COVID e-commerce peak has passed us, but shoppers are still online like they never were before. Adobe reports that the pandemic boosted e-commerce 20%, and this elevation is maintaining: January-February of 2021 saw a 34% YOY growth.

With so many more of your potential customers shopping online, it’s more important than ever to 1) meet them where they are and 2) give them an inviting experience that compels them to your products. But if your current patchwork of content capabilities isn’t up to par, the prettiest packaging in the world can’t save you.  

According to Gartner, bad data can cost an organization on average $9.7 million per year.

Accurate data management is critical in getting your products to rank with retailers. Without the right information in the right place at the right time, you run the risk of losing out on potential customer views, clicks, and conversions, rendering all the legwork a loss.

Reduce risk and focus on the future with an end-to-end partner

Just as a comprehensive solution can save your team’s time, it can also save your company risk. Every vendor and software you bring on board is another risk: incomplete data, systems that don’t sync, miscommunication, and a lack of performance feedback.

Before Syndigo, I would have had to work with five different companies to get all the technology I needed. Today, we get Foods expertise, enhanced content, space planning and a tremendous network all in one place.” — Michael Hegarty, Lipari Foods

You need a solution that can get your content everywhere you need it: every retailer and every channel. One that understands how PIM, DAM, and syndication needs are changing rapidly, and how it all impacts the customer experience. As you look to expand, you need a partner that understands the double-sided nature of this industry: How product data can improve the end-customer experience, as well as how product data can deliver a differentiated customer experience, all with the end goal of selling more product to more customers.

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