Summer Checkup: Driving Shopper Conversions Using a Holistic eCommerce Approach

July 15, 2019

The increased competition for shoppers’ attention this week can serve as a wake-up call for your content: by providing shoppers the content they want to see, in the first screen or scroll, is critical to driving shopper conversion. Here are a few things to keep in mind when evaluating your content health:

1. Be Complete with the Core. Basics like your product’s name, UPC, description, ingredients, size/weight, and quality “flat” pictures (front, back, sides) are what get you in the game with most large eCommerce sites. Ensuring you are delivering the complete spectrum of content your retailer recipient needs, in the manner that they need, goes a long way. And having a well-defined taxonomy can help you understand what you need to deliver. Learn more about the importance of Taxonomy here.

2. Audit Your Content Health. It’s critical to deliver your product content completely. With Syndigo’s platform, this is done in near real-time, saving you a lot of the trouble.

3. Use Enhanced Content to Convert. It is clear that the more engaging product pages drive better shopper conversion. enhanced content drives sales. Our client case studies show as average of 90% lift in conversions when shoppers are exposed to enhanced content. Even better, some of our retailer clients bring this interactive content (such as video galleries, interactive tours, or feature sets with visuals), above the fold to capture the shopper’s attention. That’s when shopper conversions can really take off: as much as 300% in some cases, when shoppers engage with this enhanced content. Check out our benchmark study on shopper behavior for more detailed analysis.

As consumer interest and the availability of products online continue to grow, it will be critical for brands to have a thorough process for creating, maintaining and distributing their product content. Syndigo can help your company become more effective by connecting you to the largest global retail network, through a single platform to manage all your product information.

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