Walmart is growing. Here’s How to Make the Most of Your Product Listings

November 13, 2019

Walmart’s success in both eCommerce and in-store sales are well documented. In addition, their delivery and BOPIS services have also grown. It’s clear that one path to supplier growth is to work with Walmart.

However, the combination of in-store and online requirements for product content can present a complex challenge for suppliers. Walmart provides specific requirements for syndicating product information, and compliance is critical in order to be listed prominently.

Fortunately, Syndigo has been working with Walmart, and we can be your advantage to ensuring proper content submission. Recently, Walmart developed their Connected Content Partner program as a way to ensure all solution providers submit their content in the proper format. Syndigo is the only service provider that has been approved across all three categories of Syndication, Enrichment and Enhanced Rich Media. This means we can help in content creation, enhancement, and syndication to Walmart (and other retailer recipients as well).

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Here are a few ways we can help. First, your Core content is critical for delivering brand consistency across in-store and eCommerce platforms, enabling an omni-commerce experience to drive sales and supply chain efficiency. Whether it’s product descriptions, weights and measures or ingredients and wellness information, Syndigo delivers Core content in retailer-required formats to the largest global trading network.

Next, Enhanced content is what drives conversions – as much as 36% greater than Core content alone. Enhanced content helps to engage shoppers and strengthen your value message through more interactive displays, including videos, 

360° product viewing

, comparison charts, and even interactive product tours. Syndigo’s advantage here is that you can use your branded media assets and Syndigo can syndicate it to your retailer recipients, via real-time feeds in our Syndigo Platform. Plus, our analytics functions allow you to view metrics on shopper engagement and interaction.

Finally, we can ensure your supply chain and warehouse data complies with GDSN specifications. In addition to being a Connected Content Partner, Syndigo is also a GS1-certified data pool for GDSN.

Now is the time for 2020 planning. Make sure your content is complete for submitting to Walmart. And please check out Syndigo’s resources for learning more about developing winning content programs.

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