Consumer Research Report: The State of Product Content 2024 

Product content is the foundation of how consumers perceive and think about your products. Our comprehensive consumer research dives deep into how your customers evaluate product information and assets and what you can do now to get an edge.

We surveyed over 6,000 shoppers in key markets around the world to discover the truth about their product experience and what they want from retailers and consumer brands when considering purchases and moving through the buying journey.

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Inside The Consumer Research Report: Essential Consumer Behavior Insights

  • Product content quality’s impact on sales
  • Strategies for better product pages
  • How to increase brand loyalty with product content
  • Consumer behavior insights for retailers
  • What consumers think about AI in e-commerce content
Product Content

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Get Answers on the Future of Product Content

e-commerce content
What kind of e-commerce content do shoppers look for first?
How do you improve product descriptions to grow sales?
Product content
How will my customers react to AI in e-commerce content?

Remove the Guesswork in your Product Content Strategy

Act with confidence with definitive data and understand how your customers think about the product data, information and assets you’re putting into market.

Product Content Strategy
Consumer Research

International Consumer

Our surveys examined broad populations across the US, UK, Germany and France to deliver the most comprehensive consumer insights possible.

Get exclusive insights into how your shoppers feel about trending topics like sustainable shopping, AI-generated product content, and information about products’ environmental impact.

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