Biocoop Achieves Better Conversion Through Better Product Data


Biocoop is a pioneering company consisting of a network of specialized stores in France, dedicated to offering organic, local, and seasonal fair-trade products. Biocoop’s unwavering commitment to promoting equity, cooperation, and transparency in the realm of organic farming has made them a respected figure within the industry. By making some key innovations to their organization with the help of Syndigo, they were able to achieve several important objectives:

  • Shifting product data from outdated tools like Excel sheets to robust, scalable technology
  • Up to a 70% reduction in implementation time
  • 90% improvement in data entry and quality
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Data quality is at the heart of eCommerce problems

Biocoop is a federation of over 700 independent shops focusing on developing organic farming in a spirit of equity and cooperation. Studies conducted by Biocoop show that the three main motivators for people buying bio, good quality products, are:

Healthcare Industry


Product Quality

The Environment

The studies suggest that for people to engage with their products and make a purchase, product data must be complete and accurate. Imagine you want to buy a pack of chocolate chip cookies. You’re willing to buy premium quality because health and the planet are important for you, it’s something you believe in. However, when you spend time on the website, you struggle to identify the right product that satisfies your criteria and that purchase never happens because the right data was not at the right place when the consumer needed it.


Syndigo is a tool that enables us to optimize data recording and control. The quality of product data and supplier data is essential to our good operation. It also makes it possible to provide the documents or images required for everyone’s work without burdening our information systems architecture.

Referential Manager

At the beginning of this journey, Biocoop’s data was scattered across multiple systems, with Excel reigning as the unruly leader of storage applications because it let them manage content and images. However, this fragmented approach hurt their efficiency and hindered the standardization and quality of their data. as the accessibility of data to customers during the initial product launch phase barely reached 40%.

Additionally, the cumbersome process of transmitting vital information across departments consumed valuable time, while implementing changes on the e-commerce site became an arduous week-long ordeal.

The leadership team knew that change was necessary.

Upgrading an eCommerce solution begins with Product Information Management

In their search to fix the data problems at Biocoop, and with the knowledge that a Product Information Management (PIM) system is critical to maintaining a high quality of product data, Biocoop met with Syndigo, a PIM vendor specifically known for their ability to meaningfully improve product data quality.

Biocoop liked Syndigo’s ability to offer optimal data recording, control, and the ability to deliver documents and images seamlessly, without burdening Biocoop’s information systems architecture. The tool enabled Biocoop to implement their complex data model while also allowing automated consistency checks.

The implementation of Syndigo PIM caused a marked improvement in Biocoop’s operations almost immediately.

Efficiency in product referencing skyrocketed as large volumes of data were seamlessly integrated. Comparing data and disseminating information to teams across their information system became effortless. The results were remarkable — data referencing time improved by 30%, and a staggering 70% reduction is anticipated by year-end, compared to before the Syndigo implementation.

Data quality and process monitoring underwent a revolution as users gained a better perception of the importance of data quality, leading to a remarkable 90% improvement in data entry and quality. The teams now handle larger volumes of data with enhanced efficacy, paving the way for increased productivity and customer satisfaction.

The leadership at Biocoop attributes a significant amount of the success of this project to the meticulous assessment of their needs and articulation of their requirements. The collaboration between the business teams, future users, and the IT teams, including project managers and developers, was a symphony of productivity.


The three most important motivations for consuming organic are prevention and health, product quality, and preservation of the environment. This means that product data must be rich, complete and correct in order to maintain and guarantee our commitment to our customers.

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Referential Manager

Better Together: Partnering with the Right Expert to Get Results

A big portion of the credit for Biocoop’s rapid success goes to Syndigo’s partner Edifixio, which played the role of Project Integrator and made themselves available endlessly to answer all questions. Change management is always a tricky concept requiring time and effort, but the ergonomic and adaptable nature of Syndigo PIM facilitated seamless adoption and garnered buy-in from users. Edifixio’s experience and expertise in helping complex organizations like Biocoop with digital transformation was invaluable in providing a smooth transition.

Overall, Syndigo’s willingness to listen to and pay careful attention to the customer’s requests for improvement cemented the Biocoop team’s confidence in their selection of a partner who would meet their needs.

The Referential Manager felt much more confident in the quality of their data now. Along with the eCommerce and Sales team, everyone is excited about the changes that have been implemented and are anticipating good news they will be seeing in the next quarterly report.