DUDE Wipes Wipes Out the Competition with a Bold Approach to Product Content

DUDE Wipes

DUDE Wipes is known for revolutionizing personal hygiene practices with its innovative approach of transitioning from dry to wet wipes. They have seen remarkable growth in recent years. With a keen focus on blending entertainment with commerce, the brand has successfully carved a niche in the highly competitive corner of its consumer packaged goods (CPG) industry.

However, as the company expanded its reach and product offerings, they needed to leverage support from a dependable partner to address challenges. Through collaboration with Syndigo, DUDE Wipes has achieved numerous benefits, including:

  • Achieved and sustained consistent brand visibility and content quality across diverse online channels.
  • Optimized productivity and efficiency with limited resources, resulting in streamlined operations.
  • Successfully navigated the dynamic scene of social commerce, leveraging platforms such as TikTok Shop with impactful affiliate programs.
DUDE Wipes Product content

With creative use of technology proven to get product information across the world’s largest network of retailers, DUDE Wipes tackled these obstacles and found themselves in a stronger position to clear the floor with its competition.

Enforcing Brand Consistency Across Channels

DUDE Wipe’s success is built on a foundation of bold, aggressive, messaging from an unapologetic brand. But when you make a lot of noise and talk a big game, having all the critical details right to back it up is all the more important.

Upholding a consistent brand identity and messaging across multiple online channels is hard, especially for the one-man team Joey Thomas, Senior Director of E-commerce at DUDE Wipes is running.

Joey Thomas

We are still small from an infrastructure perspective; I can only log into so many different platforms in a day and make sure that my content and my copy match, and everything looks the same. Some accounts might have significant value from a digital billboard perspective, I’m just unable to watch them closely.

Joey Thomas
Senior Director of E-commerce

DUDE Wipes especially struggled with maintaining uniformity in its brand presence and content presentation across retailer sites, inconsistent content styles and messaging risk hurting their brand image and confusing shoppers.

“We want to make sure that the customer who’s shopping on is seeing the same content that shows on Amazon.”

Syndigo’s Syndication capabilities offer Joey and DUDE Wipes the perfect solution. With a single, centralized platform to reach all its endpoints, Joey and the team can efficiently manage and distribute product content, including images, descriptions, and specifications, ensuring coherence across e-commerce sites and social media channels.  

Product detail page
Joey Thomas

Instead of me logging into the portal manually, I can just update content in the Syndigo platform and make sure that my titles still match even if they are changing on Amazon. I can spend time to figure out ways to grow the business and come up with more future initiatives like the Valentine’s Day kit we did back in February.

Joey Thomas
Senior Director of E-commerce

Striving to Get Shoppers a Clean Omnichannel Experience

Customers want a smooth, seamless omnichannel experience. That’s the observation Joey has made while witnessing DUDE Wipes go through its meteoric growth over the last two years. Recognizing the need to bridge traditionally siloed channels in the CPG industry, DUDE Wipes is also focused on integrating social commerce seamlessly into its strategy, aiming to provide customers with a cohesive shopping journey across all touchpoints.

“Now it’s necessary to consider Amazon, Walmart, DTC, and all these channels working together, while also activating influencer affiliates on TikTok and Meta, and coordinating budgets for these channels cohesively to elevate the entire business.”

Product Information

In order to double down on exploring new initiatives with social commerce, DUDE Wipes leans on Syndigo for operational support. Leveraging Syndication and Enhanced Content, they consolidate product content management and distribution, automating time-consuming manual work and reducing overhead costs. This allows DUDE Wipes to allocate valuable time and resources towards strategic initiatives with higher priority.

Through collaborative efforts with Syndigo, DUDE Wipes continues to keep their innovation live and stronger than ever. They leverage Syndigo to streamline operations and maintain a consistent brand image across sites while converting more shoppers to use wipes by exploring opportunities on social channels to be entertaining, educational, and persuasive at the same time.

DUDE Wipes

DUDE Wipes, brought to you by DUDE Products, are disposable wipes designed for personal care. Launched in 2012, they gained attention by winning the 2013 Visionary Award at the Vision 2013 Consumer Product Conference. Founded by childhood friends Sean Riley, Brian Wilkin, Ryan Meegan, and Jeff Klimkowski in their Chicago apartment in 2010, DUDE Wipes offer a flushable alternative specifically for men. Available in retail stores and online since 2012, they can now be found nationwide in major retailers and marketplaces like Amazon, Kroger, Target, Meijer, Ralphs, and Bass Pro Shops.