Generac Flips the Switch on Product Content

Eliminating redundant work, reducing guesswork, and saving a ton of time in the process

Taking eCommerce to the Next Level

Generac Power Systems knew how to do e-commerce and manage product lines across multiple retailers, but Syndigo has taken their work to a whole new level.

Clear Retailer Requirements Speed Time-to-Market

“When I came into this role, we were using Salsify,” says Clay Mitchell, Account Manager for Generac Power Systems. “Most everyone was using it as a storage hub for digital assets, language, marketing benefits, so we did have one place to go in and grab information, but if we had a new product come out I would go into Salsify and there were no retailer requirements – you could put whatever you wanted to.”

Because Generac sold through Lowe’s, they already used Syndigo. So the Generac team came to Nashville, TN to learn more about getting the most out of the world’s most complete PXM platform. Right away, Mitchell noticed a real difference in how Syndigo managed the product content process.

“With Syndigo, I immediately noticed the retailer requirements and taxonomies – there was more guidance around retailer requirements on the front end, so we didn’t have to guess or re-do the work.”

Today, Generac sends product content from Syndigo to Lowe’s, Amazon, The Home Depot, and Tractor Supply, among others. Using Syndigo, Generac still has one place for all of its product content and assets, but everything is more efficient, Mitchell says.

We don’t have to duplicate work for each customer, or spend a lot of time guessing what information a retailer needs. We used to spend a lot of time trying to manage requirements for the different retailers we work with, but Syndigo makes that easy on us.

— Clay Mitchell

“Syndigo maps our information, pushes it to customers, and we get follow-up by account managers – so 95% of our work is complete when we add our product content to Content Experience Hub.”

Service That Stands Out

Another great benefit of using Syndigo? Excellent service.

“Everyone is very responsive. Syndigo solves problems in minutes rather than hours,” he says. “The cost of using Syndigo is pennies compared to the value you get back from the Syndigo team,” Mitchell addds. “We’ve already seen a great ROI with Syndigo, and can’t wait to see what next year brings.”

Mitchell’s 2019 Product Content Goals

  • Get new products live in the market in days, not weeks, thanks to the clear retailer requirements Generac gets from Syndigo.
  • Standardize Generac product content across all retailers, to improve brand consistency.
  • Clean up duplicates, old data, and old products to have a solid, current e-catalog.