L’Occitane Accelerates Global Data Quality Success


L’Occitane en Provence, part of L’Occitane Group, is a leading luxury retailer of body, face, hair, fragrances, and home products. Known for their natural and organic ingredient-based beauty and wellness products, and their strong commitment to sustainable development and corporate responsibility, they operate in over 90 countries with more than 1,500 stores.

With the help of Syndigo PIM, they are achieving higher levels of Product Information Management effectiveness and seeing significantly improved data quality.

With Syndigo PIM, L’Occitane has realized these key benefits:

  • 30% of products were corrected for the initial data load
  • Advanced automation maintains high-quality data
  • Optimization has improved the data enrichment process
Syndigo PIM

A Smarter Path for Consistent Data Quality


Managing global product information is an unwieldy challenge. From manual entries to database disconnections across the enterprise, high data error and loss risks are serious challenges, especially when you add around 300 new SKUs per year and manage over 1,000 active SKUs as L’Occitane does.

Central challenges included the need for flexible tools to help organize governance and processes, as well as the ability to optimize the products and attributes of their data management.

Some of the areas L’Occitane wanted to improve included:

  • Reducing time spent collecting and enriching data
  • Achieving consistent data quality
  • Eliminating team silos
  • Adding unique views for sellable products

Syndigo PIM helped to resolve these data quality, governance, and process issues. It’s a collaborative solution that keeps all business users in sync across the entire application ecosystem by connecting with ERP solutions and e-commerce platforms.

Nadege Bochereau

With Syndigo PIM, we have seen significant improvement in our global data quality compared to past solutions. It’s more user-friendly and efficiently helps us manage data, with over 300 new SKUs to enrich per year.

Nadege Bochereau
PIM Program Manager (IT)

New Operational Advantages

After adopting Syndigo PIM, L’Occitane’s team saw significant operational advantages. In addition to how easy it is for them to use and set up for technical users, they found that use cases can be covered without requiring dedicated internal development resources, and the deployment of Syndigo’s new releases every two months has been seamless. They also value ongoing webinars that share information about new enhancements across the product. Additionally, new products are now enriched from end to end seamlessly by new users, and onboarding of new users takes only two hours.

Syndigo PIM

Easy to Use

Syndigo Platform

Consistent Data Quality


Fast Enrichment 

Commitment to High-Quality Product Data

L’Occitane’s flexible customized PIM solution effectively works with its unique data ecosystem to help the brand simplify the complexity of maintaining high data quality. Now internal teams can streamline product data updates, which include delivering relevant product data.