Pet Supermarket…A Paw-some Partner for Pet Parents

Pet Supermarket
Pet Supermarket

Pet Supermarket, a leading specialty pet supply retailer with over 225 locations across the U.S. Southeast, provides a one-stop shop offering a broad selection of premium pet food, supplies, and services in-store, as well as online. They understand that pets are family members and buying products from food to medicine and toys involves a lot of comparative shopping to make confident buying decisions for their little (or big) friends.

As its e-commerce business grew, so did the need to scale faster without interrupting the brand experience its loyal customers have come to value and expect. They were looking for a partner to help bring their brands to life digitally and seamlessly—not just with data, but with content for a high-quality customer experience.

Working with Syndigo, Pet Supermarket transformed its online business, from modernizing its Product Information Management (PIM) platform to introducing Enhanced Content experiences and leveraging Syndication. 
This helped them achieve multiple positive outcomes in a comprehensive solution, including:

  • A more detailed view of products and their benefits, along with a significant increase in product images.

  • Improved alignment with their vendors’ requirements for a more efficient exchange of product information.

  • Expedited shipping from their retail stores, which allows for a full omni-integration and tremendous cost savings.

Throughout this process, they were guided by their dedication to enhancing the lives of people and their pets with the finest products and services available and the best customer experience.

Product Information Management

Data Unleashed

The first step in their digital transformation journey was addressing growing data management demands. They have a small team and needed a more efficient approach to handling the increasing volume of product information.

By partnering with Syndigo, their PIM platform was set up to take on the toughest data challenges. Now, with their ability to gather master data including updated UPCs and accurate shipping weights and dimensions via their Syndigo powered Vendor Portal which seamlessly delivers data into the PIM, they are able to expedite shipping from stores, which allows for a full omni-integration and significant cost savings. They have also adopted industry best practices that have helped them reverse engineer their New Information Form that they send to vendors who are not yet utilizing the Vendor Portal option.

Purrfect Content Experiences

To ensure a consistent quality of product information that helps pet parents make the best purchase decisions, Pet Supermarket further prioritized its customer experience by introducing Enhanced Content. These engaging shopping experiences, including interactive content, are proven to boost brand trust and drive higher conversion rates.

Matt Ezyk

If you have pets, you understand that buying food and supplies is a very personal decision. Enhanced content helps us give our customers more information to make more informed decisions and be more confident about their purchases.

Matt Ezyk
Director of eCommerce at Pet Supermarket

Additionally, Pet Supermarket uses Syndigo’s Syndication Network to expedite receiving product information from vendors that meet its specification requirements to get on the digital shelf faster. Together with enhanced content, these solutions have provided a unique mutually beneficial outlet to meet their vendors where they are at, in their time, and on agreed-upon terms. This has helped them gather master data, enrichment information, and both product and lifestyle images without relying on the back-and-forth of email. Historically, they were only receiving one to two product images from their vendors; which was four to six less than other retailers by comparison.

Change Doesn’t Have to Be Ruff

Throughout Pet Supermarket’s data management and content solution project, Syndigo development, implementation, and customer success teams worked hand-in-hand to achieve the desired results, with ongoing support to drive continuous innovation.

Christie Cook

The Syndigo team is always looking for ways in which we can add value to the products we already own and how they can benefit our customers. It is very comforting to know that they are always available, willing, and capable of assisting us through our journey as a true partner. I couldn’t ask for a better partnership and experts to lead us in our evolution.

Christie Cook
PIM Product Owner at Pet Supermarket

By adopting a strategy to maximize Syndigo solutions, enabling vendors to syndicate content directly to PIM which is custom tailored with workflows and governance, Pet Supermarket is positioned to meet the ever-shifting needs of pet parents and scale to support its thriving business.