Philips Optimizing Product Page Layouts

Optimizing Product Page Layouts to Address Shrinking Shopper Attention Spans

According to a recent comScore study, consumer attention spans have shrunk yet again. Millennials have a 5-6 second attention span for ads — a steep cut from the traditional 30 seconds most marketers use in their designs.

This research reinforces the notion that radical format changes are necessary to stay competitive in a crowded marketplace – an idea that Syndigo discussed with clients like Philips, a top consumer health and home care brand partner. On the heels of this study, Syndigo worked with Philips to conduct a product page layout test.


Philips sought to determine whether a scannable layout would address shrinking attention spans and result in greater engagement and conversions.


Syndigo conducted a month-long A/B test at a top retailer site, using two layout options across three products selected by traffic and category.

Syndigo handled the test, from design and methodology to implementation and analysis, while also ensuring that the layout options could be quickly and easily deployed across thousands of products.

Working with Philips, test layouts were created that helped shoppers to understand the features and benefits of the selected products at a glance.
As a first step, an area was designated at the top of the product page for content placement. The test layouts included a hero image, marketing copy and bulleted product features.

The phase control one-column layout A, which required scrolling to view one feature at a time, was tested against a three-column layout B, which enabled shoppers to quickly scan features. Layout B made it simpler for the shopper by presenting the content in “snack sized” portions.


At the conclusion of the test, a clear winner was identified. Layout B with its scannable product information consistently outperformed other layouts in both engagement and conversions, with an average conversion rate increase of 65 percent.

Feedback from Philips was incredibly positive, They not only stated that it was the simplest test they had ever conducted, but also that the findings reinforced independent test results. — Jason Tal, Data Scientist

Two weeks after accepting the test results, Philips rolled out layout B using the Syndigo platform and pushed it live across its participating retailer sites.

This success hammers home the reality about digital content marketing today: It’s not just the ingredients on the page, but the way you present them that can make all the difference.