How Product Data Fuels The Customer Experience

As digital increasingly influences commerce, customers demand more – and more relevant – digital content throughout their buying journeys.

However, companies often struggle to stay updated with channel requirements and efficiently manage content across channels due to siloed data sources.

Syndigo has just released its latest insightful findings in a Forrester survey that explores the current state of product content management.

A key takeaway was that today’s product experience expectations demand a more modern content management approach to deliver the right data – and existing legacy systems alone are struggling to keep up.

Join us for a compelling webinar where we will discuss these insightful findings. You will learn about:

  • The top business priorities for the coming year, and activities needed to drive sales and dominate the product experience.
  • Why a comprehensive strategy and end-to-end solution are required to optimize commerce success
  • How to overcome barriers like disconnected systems or moving goal posts and unlock data quality.
Product Data

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