Drive Your Sustainability with MDM – Be ready when it’s needed

Do you understand your sustainability challenges already? Even with the high number of regulations in the European area brands, manufacturers and retailers need to be prepared when it comes to reliable data and product content.

In our webinar we will give you hands on recommendations and best practices on how to prepare your data regarding reporting, recording, analysing and governing. Learn from our recent experience at the UK’s leading homeware retailer on how to set up a strategy and implementation for your sustainability initiatives.

Take part in our webinar and get answers on:

  • Which role does data governance play?
  • How to set up product data to meet sustainability guidelines and regulations?
  • Which steps need to be taken to proceed with sustainability initiatives?
  • Which requirements does the Digital Product Passport have?

And as a bonus for your participation, you will receive a valuable Check List: 5 Steps to Drive your Sustainability with MDM to start your sustainability initiatives when it comes to data management.

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Your Experts

Sean Linehan

Sean Linehan

Director, Digital Data Consultancy


Saikat Ghosh

Consulting Principal, Digital Data Consultancy