Content Experience Suite

Your end-to-end solution to create, manage, syndicate, enrich and optimize all your digital assets, Core Marketing, and Enhanced product content.

Product Information Management

Collaborate with the World’s Largest Retailer, Distributor and Supplier Network

Syndigo’s Content Experience Suite (CES) connects more than 12,000 global brands and 1,750 global retailers and recipients — syndicating core, enhanced and rich media content for more than three million products daily.

CES was designed to offer more than traditional PIMS and DAMS. CES combines all the capabilities that allow brands and retailers to provide the best possible product experiences through content creation, validation, enrichment, syndication, and analysis.

Utilizing standardized, industry specific and regulatory data sets (like GDSN), Syndigo further empowers brands and retailers to effectively provide their consumers with the Right Data. Right Now.

CES & the Product Content Lifecycle


Whether we create or you supply content, your data will easily be uploaded into a single platform.


Create new marketing content, enrich existing assets, and supercharge your workflows. ​


Manage your digital assets effectively. Effortlessly transfer data between trading partners, thanks to the largest global network. ​


Deliver engaging, quality product experiences, to meet the unique requirements of your recipients. ​


And drive more sales, with detailed content analytics and reporting. ​

Make Your Products Stand Out at Target

Expand Your Network

Get access to the largest global retailer ecosystem and thousands of global brands.

Enrich Your Content

Gain greater control over the way your content appears and ensure it meets the standards of your retailers and the GDSN.

Validate Your Data

Reduce the time and effort required to manage your ecosystem, while securely distributing the best quality content you have available.

Drive Engagement & Conversion

Use real-time benchmarking and analytics to create engaging shopping experiences for your consumers in-store and through the eCommerce channel.

Want to see the Content Experience Suite?

Syndigo is the global leader for validated Core and Enhanced digital product content including deep nutritional data, and GDSN data across the largest network of 1,750+ retailers, distributors and trading partners, as well as more than 12,000+ manufacturer and suppliers.