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Enhanced Content & Rich Media

Create an engaging shopping experience, improve brand trust, and drive higher conversions with greater levels of product content.

Supercharge Enhanced Content With Device Targeting

Customize your content to meet your shoppers where they are shopping. With personalized assets for device size, your content won’t go unnoticed or get distorted.

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Build one experience that can be tailored to various screen sizes

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Queue up multiple assets to be presented based on screen size

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Serve up content regardless of container size or image resolution

See the difference.

Keep the focus on your product and reformat image text to suit the screen.

responsive imagery
device targeting

Own Your Product Page from Top to Bottom

Upgrade your eCommerce content with engaging content and empower shoppers’ buying decisions. With added flexibility and detailed analytics, know what works for your products.


Not all product detail pages are created equal. Set your product detail page apart by enabling interactive content throughout the page. Syndigo can help you build an intelligent product detail page that elevates product experiences with enhanced content beyond the label that mirrors virtual sales showrooms.

Our enhanced content tells engaging product stories that translate into best-in-class shopper experiences and checkouts. Plus our case studies show a lift of 90% in conversions on average when shoppers are exposed to enhanced content.


Create an immersive online product experience for your consumers that is seamlessly integrated into your retailers’ digital platforms. Include demonstration videos, lifestyles images, comparison charts, 360° product viewing, product manuals, social user-generated content, and other interactive product content. Simply submit your brand assets once to syndicate them across Syndigo’s retailer-optimized layouts and effectively maintain data accuracy across your retailer network.

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Find out how your enhanced content is performing, which elements are getting attention and how to improve your product content.

master data management


Streamline the number of vendors you need to engage with to disseminate and publish your product content.

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The Active Content Engine

Our singular solution scales to the most complex, customizable systems, for any stage of ecommerce and content maturity

The Engaging Hero

How do you capture shopper attention from the beginning?

Showcase your enhanced content where it best suits your shoppers with perfect placement.

The Engaging Hero brings compelling, conversion-winning content to the most-viewed, top of the page area of a site that captivates shoppers who aren’t committed to scrolling. Shoppers see richer, brand-approved content which engages, informs and converts. The Engaging Hero images include:

Contextual Hotspots can be placed on top of the hero image of a product page. When clicked on, these hotspots zoom into key product content details like feature descriptions, photo captions and additional image galleries.

Interactive Toolbar serve up your best assets in the most lucrative, eye catching page positions. Deliver visually interactive mobile-responsive rich media assets to the prime product page real estate.


Looking for live content?

Check out brands and retailers that are leveraging enhanced content on their product pages.

In-Line Modules

Shoppers rely on vital information before making final purchases. In-Line modules provide full-scale immersion into your product. Fully showcase your brand with comparison charts, product guides, and a variety of lifestyle images.  Take a deeper dive into important product content, reduce return rates and improve brand trust today!

Interactive Features
Lifestyle Images
Comparison Charts
Manuals & Product Information

Product Page Performance

What’s working and what’s not? Get access to a full suite of enhanced content reports which highlight shopper behavior insights and enable smarter decisions for potential product content improvements.

Product Engagement

Leverage a full suite of enhanced content analytics reports that monitor shopper engagement and provide actionable insights to optimize PDPs, improve add-to-cart rates and increase total cart value.


Provide visibility on the ROI of enhanced content and interaction that drive conversions.


Gain insight into current product and site coverage for enhanced content.


Get traffic, viewability and engagement metrics for live enhanced content pages.


Understand the usage and value of videos on live enhanced content pages.

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