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Manage and Govern High-Quality Data

Bring together all types of content and data into one seamless solution.

Syndigo Solution

Maintain accuracy and control at every step

Companies often turn to PIM and MDM solutions because their data is in chaos, and they need a remedy that will help them run and grow their business. Syndigo unifies data sets, processes, and internal and external systems, making it even easier to manage and govern high-quality data.

Harness Data Complexity

Product Information Management (PIM)

Product Information Management is often referred to as technology or systems that manage large amounts of data across suppliers and distribution channels. But it’s actually the process itself. A PIM is only as effective as its connections to the ecosystem. If it manages data but isn’t connected to the sources that need that data, what’s the point?

Many companies use multiple systems: PIM systems plus others for delivery. But it doesn’t have to be this way. Syndigo is the only omnichannel system you need to manage and deliver high-quality content.

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Share information on a single platform. Source data and assets from multiple suppliers and private labels.

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Account for many standards, requirements, and delivery formats.

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Comprehensively check for inaccuracies, inconsistencies, and errors.

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Distribute product information widely.

Master Data Management (MDM)

Master Data is the core data that runs through an enterprise’s digital ecosystem. It typically relates to customers, suppliers, products, parts, employees, materials, locations, recipes, and more. Consolidating this information in an MDM platform—the single, trusted source of master data—is critical to running, growing, and transforming a business. With Syndigo’s future-ready MDM, organizations can manage, govern, and analyze their master data intelligently.

The true power of our MDM is in connecting the interactions between data domains. Syndigo is a unified, multi-domain MDM, which ties together customer, location, and product information. For example, an item’s Product domain (attributes, weights and measures, branding) can connect to its Customer domain (materials suppliers, distributors, retailers) as well as the Location domain (all the places where business is transacted). Together, they create a highly intelligent information system for governance, management and tracking.

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Ensure accuracy

Maintain complete and accurate data. This is critical to driving not only systems and programs, but creating loyal customers.

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Improve efficiencies

Use our MDM to develop data structures that improve process efficiency, streamline product updates, reduce cost, and power sales efforts.

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Connect internal and external data

Our coordinated systems ensure content flows securely from internal resources to retailer sites, so you can deliver quickly and expand to new channels.

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Ensure consistency

With our platform you can improve governance, manage product definitions and hierarchies, and develop a flexible taxonomy to ensure consistency and understanding.

Customer Domain MDM

Customer Master Data Management is a specific domain configuration to help you understand and anticipate your customers’ needs in today’s real-time economy. With Customer MDM solutions, you can create, manage and centralize customer records to ensure accuracy across your systems and avoid duplication of data. It delivers a single “customer view” for all stakeholders globally, by linking and synchronizing customer information across heterogeneous data sources.

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Activate personalized experiences

Unify data to handle customer insights with a flexible system architecture that results in a single view of the entities you’re interested in through a single source.

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Define user intent

Connect your customer experience data to other domains to uncover gaps and trends, then craft new experiences to drive quality engagement and spark growth.

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Intelligent insights

Harness your data to be more useful. Scale faster with automated, hyper-personalized processes. Predict next-best-actions that guide customers to their desired outcomes, while enabling your team members to perform their best.

Digital Asset Management (DAM)

With remote work and collaboration across functions, a centralized digital asset management solution is becoming indispensable. Our DAM manages and distributes digitally stored content such as images, documents, creative files, and multimedia files. It integrates with the rest of Syndigo to serve as the single source of truth for files.

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Streamline Processes

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Measure the Impact of Assets

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Boost Efficiency


MDM vendor

“A cloud-native, unified SaaS platform
for all MDM use cases.”
– Gartner, Magic Quadrant for Master Data Management Solutions, By Sally Parker, Malcolm Hawker, Simon Walker, Published 6 December 2021.

pim solution

“A Leader in “The Forrester Wave: Product Information Management, Q2 2021” report.”
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“Since implementing Syndigo (formerly Riversand), we have eliminated data inconsistencies by leveraging rules and artificial intelligence. In addition, while hours spent by our teams on data manipulation tasks have been reduced by 60%, BAMA can introduce new products to the market 70% faster than before. We are extremely satisfied, and we are looking to see what else we can achieve with Syndigo’s flexible, yet robust and future-proof solution.”

– Trond Aske, CIO, BAMA Gruppen AS

Are you managing your data efficiently to drive growth?

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