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Build Engaging Customer Experiences

Use enhanced content to boost engagement and conversion.

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Delivering creative content that converts

Engaging experiences are essential to building customer loyalty and winning the sale. Syndigo can help you deliver customer-centric product experiences in-store or online, so you can deliver the content required by retailers and demanded by consumers.

Improve Customer Engagement

Enhanced Content

Transform your product experience from simple descriptions to immersive storytelling, which drives engagement and conversion. We’ll help you hook customers with findable, searchable, enhanced media, shown to produce a 39% average lift in add-to-cart rates.

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Engaging Hero Image

Bring compelling, conversion-winning content to the most viewed area of the page: the hero image at the top.

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Contextual Hotspots

Place hotspots on the hero image and let users zoom in on key details, like feature descriptions, photo captions, and image galleries.

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Interactive Toolbar

Put the most eye-catching product assets in prime real estate. A toolbar serves interactive, mobile-responsive media.

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Help consumers make better purchase decisions and improve brand loyalty with in-line modules like comparison charts, product guides, and lifestyle images.

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Content Engagement

Get a full suite of Enhanced Content analytics reports that monitor shopper engagement and provide actionable consumer insights to optimize PDPs, improve add-to-cart rates, and increase total cart value.

In-Store Solutions

Great communication at the point of purchase is good for everyone. With help from our merchandising experts, you can make it simpler for customers to shop and boost efficiency for stocking and ordering.

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Create planograms that maximize shelf space and deliver consumer-centric experiences.

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Floor & Space Planning

Design configurations that ensure you have accurate space for your products.

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Shelf Strips & Tags

Easily identify products with shelf strips that are clearly marked with prices, item descriptions, and corresponding pictures.

Guided Selling Experiences

Our custom engagement tools help online shoppers narrow down the products that are suited to their tastes and needs. By personalizing the experience and simplifying their decision making, you earn their trust—and often, the sale. Plus, our technology can support made-to-order products.

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Product Selectors

Fully customized product selectors enable shoppers to find the right style, shade, or application. The applications are vast: Try on makeup, identify the right knee brace, or view clothing in your style.

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Product Configurability Tools

Our proprietary building product sales tool, m2o, enables retailers, dealers, and contractors to manage users, quotes, orders, pricing, costing, product availability, branding, and customizations.

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Outdoor Projects

Empower your customers to easily design the project of their dreams. Using the Outdoor Projects tool, they can visualize a structure next to their home, receive a detailed materials list, and feel confident the structure is safe and reliable.


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“After we closed a partnership with Syndigo, we could realize a significant increase in the sales conversion related products with enhanced content. On average, we had an increase of 40%, and some products 100% and 300%.”

Could your content be more engaging and impactful?

Enhanced Content is proven to engage shoppers. If you’re not using it, you’re losing them. Let’s talk about which content enhancements will earn you the best return.