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Gain more control of your content, without adding work – create, manage and share all your product information in a single source.

Achieve a New Standard of Product Content

There’s no doubt about it: consumers are now in control of the shopping experience. Retailers are gatekeepers so manufacturers and brands must be vigilant in creating, managing and sharing their product information and digital media making sure it is accurate, consistent and up-to-date. And it all must be delivered to each channel partner in their required formats.

Syndigo can deliver an end-to-end content experience for manufacturers and brands to access the largest global retailer network, the most complete and flexible types of content and the ability to syndicate it all directly and through the GDSN.

Increase conversions – by providing complete product information for transparency, integrated into eCommerce platforms.

Improve consumer engagement – by providing a consistent, interactive consumer experience using rich media assets.

Drive brand loyalty – by ensuring brand and product consistency across all channel partners.

Hear From Our Clients

"Syndigo’s CXH has removed major barriers in the item setup process, by bridging the gap between a PIM (or whatever internal data source a company uses) and the Customer to ultimately impact the experience for the consumer. Syndigo has provided the tools to help ensure data consistancy, and CXH has allowed for a shift in focus to data quality vs managing templates (which are always evolving, becoming increasingly complex, and are more widespread than ever)."

Natalie Johnson, Delta Faucet

"Our responsibility is to provide accurate product information such as item descriptions, marketing claims and warnings, nutritional information, ingredients, and numerous other attributes. The goal is to provide consumers with clear, useful information to guide purchasing decisions. Consumers want to know what is in their food and where it comes from."

Wayne Farms

"Syndigo has brought all of three main components together to better support brands, distributors, and retailers. First, a scalable business platform (CXH) to drive Business Value. Second, Internal support & efficiencies through more flexible and updated tools, people and new processes to support product content transparency. Third, It just works. It’s a 500 piece jigsaw puzzle: Enhanced content, GDSN, and Marketing content must be seamlessly integrated."

Lipari Foods, LLC

"The Master Data Team saw enormous value in decreasing costs by ‘bundling’ 3 unique solutions/companies to 1 by switching to Syndigo. The Master Data Management, eCommerce, and Marketing Teams want to find ONE software solution for all B2C and B2B needs - cost savings by consolidation."

Don Antonellis

Applications for Your Business

To help you gain control across the product ecosystem, Syndigo can deliver content to help maximize the efficiency of your supply chain. Incorporate pallet, case, tray and item information for accurate slotting and transportation. Use Syndigo’s GDSN data pool services to ensure item tracking and consistency from warehouse to retailer.

Product content requirements are different offline. Better images, extended content and rich media all play a role in online product display. With the largest retailer network, Syndigo creates, enhances and validates your brand’s information to ensure is not just delivered, but accepted at the major digital platform retailer sites, ready for prime positioning.

While online is growing rapidly, in-store activity still represents the majority of consumer goods sales. Syndigo has four decades of experience in capturing and creating the necessary content for your Category Management and Retailer Merchandising programs, including planogram-ready data feeds and advertising-ready content for your retailer partners.

Syndigo provides the secure platform for you to manage your digital assets, including core product content, enhanced nutritional and dietary attributes and rich media assets ready for retail platforms. Manage your product information and distribute to appropriate channel partners, in the format they require, making it easy for you to ensure consistency and control across your brand’s portfolio.

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Syndigo is the global leader for validated core and enhanced digital product content including deep nutritional data, and GDSN data across the largest network of 1,750+ retailers, distributors and trading partners, including over 12,000+ manufacturer and suppliers.