The Biggest Network Just Got Better: Amazon A+ Global Content Now Available Through Syndigo

August 12, 2021

Shoppers have learned to like shopping online, and the trends are continuing. Even formerly hard-to-change attitudes such as online grocery shopping are strong.

Online sales continue to be big. And Amazon is one of the biggest. Earlier this year, Syndigo entered a Beta launch to connect supplier A+ content to Amazon directly, through a direct API connection, meaning a more seamless connection that can create more opportunities for increased supplier sales.

Syndigo announced that today, all supplier clients can now submit their A+ content to Amazon directly through Syndigo’s platform.

Enhanced Content is already driving conversions for thousands of brands and retailers around the world. This week, Syndigo’s network of Enhanced Content recipients just became even more powerful.

Elevated content on a global scale

With this latest update, Syndigo seamlessly publishes Amazon A+ content globally, now reaching 18 countries across North and South America, plus Europe and Asia. This means that suppliers can deliver engaging product detail pages directly to Amazon through CXH, Syndigo’s best-in-class platform for product information management, syndication and analytics.

Shoppers continue to increase their usage and reliance on eCommerce, and it will only become more prevalent. Recent industry reports show that in-store purchasing continues to struggle in today’s commerce environment. Looking back at our 2020 Black Friday report, we saw increases in page views using Enhanced Content, and those numbers remain high today. What does that mean for suppliers? Although the in-store component is still a large part of their business, more attention must be given to the online aspect. Using platform solutions like CXH help streamline the process and improve the results.

Right data, better results

Suppliers using A+ content on their PDPs – whether comparison charts, carousel/image sliders or other engaging content – can see a demonstrated lift compared to pages without this content. And with Amazon’s more than two billion monthly shoppers, you are sure to get noticed with better product pages. By helping shoppers make their decisions, you also help grow your own business.

Create and submit your Amazon A+ content to grow conversion rates.

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