Demand Doubles for Syndigo’s Enhanced Content This Black Friday

November 30, 2020
Enhanced content

Shopper Page Views for Online Enhanced Content Grew 105% from the Prior Week

Black Friday traditionally has been the break-even point in the year for retailer financials – and a marker for the health overall of the holiday shopping season. This year, with additional in-person shopping restrictions, sources are reporting a record spike in online sales for Black Friday.

Syndigo also has seen a significant spike – in the online pageviews that contain Enhanced content such as interactive images, video, 360 spins, comparison charts, and other supplier branding assets. Now, more than ever, Enhanced content enables shopper engagement as they reach for the items they want to buy on the digital shelf.

Online Enhanced Content pageviews from Black Friday showed an increase of 105% compared to Friday the prior week, across the Syndigo global network of retail sites. Since pageviews typically register in the hundreds of millions regularly, this is a significant jump. And each pageview comprises multiple content items, which means billions of Enhanced assets being accessed by shoppers on Black Friday.

This year’s “Black Friday Bump” for Enhanced content pageviews occurred even as retailers began promoting holiday sales earlier. Syndigo witnessed an early bump fifteen days ahead of Black Friday, and steadily increasing usage leading up to the day.

If it isn’t obvious by now, Enhanced content is the driver of online conversions. Our data points suggest that shoppers are accessing more content than ever as they search for items to buy for the holiday season. And in the past year alone, suppliers and retailers have been strengthening their PDPs by deploying more detailed content online than ever before, to meet shopper demand and grow sales during COVID-19 restrictions.

As shoppers continue to engage more online, Enhanced content also helps to reinforce purchasing behaviors. By adding item details, features, usage demonstrations or other assets, brands can bring greater transparency, which helps to build shopper trust.

Enhanced content is also a critical driver for optimizing PDPs, because analytics tools can measure shopper interactions with the content in near real-time. This allows brands and retailers to understand the things that drive conversions and optimize their page content to deliver an even more engaging experience.


Syndigo research shows that sites with Enhanced Content can convert shoppers an average of 12%-36% more than sites without. Now is the time to capitalize on the growth of the digital shelf by delivering an Enhanced content experience that shoppers want.

By bringing the product closer to the consumer, brands and retailers will earn shopper trust of the products they buy and the sites they buy from. Learn more about Enhanced Content and how Syndigo can help you deliver better conversions at the digital shelf.


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