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May 07, 2024
Syndigo Events

Mark your calendars! We’re excited to share our extensive lineup of industry events that we’ll be attending across Europe this year.

The Syndigo team looks forward to meeting you to exchange ideas, explore the latest trends shaping the European e-commerce industry (including sustainability and the Digital Product Passport), and share how our data management and content solutions can help you deliver the customer experiences savvy shoppers expect to help you increase sales.

Join Syndigo’s product data management and customer experience experts during our presentations, at our booth, and in private meetings as we explore:

  • AI and its transformation of retail
  • The growing importance of unified shopping experiences
  • Creating new customer experiences with content creation innovation
  • Smarter ways to manage product information and key data

And so much more…

Check your calendars now and schedule some time with us in advance for these events:

Let’s Accelerate Your Success Together!

We’re excited to understand the unique challenges you face and the goals you want to achieve so we can show you how our data management and content solutions can help achieve them with data mastery and captivating customer experiences.

Also, as one of the largest global GDSN synchronization providers—with over 7,500 GDSN partners—we provide the category breadth and global reach you need to distribute product information and streamline operations.

And let’s not forget AI! The Syndigo platform leverages the power of AI across various functions. For instance, we reduce the need for additional resources or manual work so you can generate product information from AI-powered image analysis, improve accessibility, compliance, and sales with AI-powered data creation, and determine what data is clean and complete enough to fuel your PIM or MDM with an AI-powered decision engine. These are just a few examples of our AI innovation.

Discover why more than 14,000 enterprises worldwide trust us to drive their success. Start unlocking your business’s full potential!

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