Syndi-GO: The Future of AI in B2B

May 21, 2024
Future of AI

Syndigo’s team recently joined marketing leaders from the manufacturing and distribution industries at B2B Online to explore emerging trends, innovative strategies, and actionable tactics designed to boost performance across their commerce, omnichannel, and digital marketing initiatives. Attendees delved into a wide range of topics including digital transformation, omnichannel integration, data-driven decision-making, social content strategies, and SEO.  

Not surprisingly, Artificial Intelligence (AI) took center stage as discussions focused on its potential applications such as enhancing consumer experiences and optimizing data management operations for commerce. In his presentation, Syndigo CEO Simon Angove shared how Syndigo’s growing suite of AI-powered tools (called GoPilots™) is transforming how enterprises can leverage their data for new efficiencies and competitive advantage.

Redefining the customer experience

By embracing AI, companies are unlocking new levels of efficiency, personalization, and accuracy in their product content processes. In his presentation, Simon shared how Syndigo’s GoPilots leverage AI to automate various aspects of product content creation and optimization to deliver compelling experiences at scale.*

For example, one key application is automatic copy generation, where our Content Generation GoPilot transforms product attributes into engaging marketing copy, tailored to specific customer personas. Brands are using this capability to generate product descriptions that appeal to various shopping preferences (e.g., eco-friendly or price-conscious).

Another powerful use case is sentiment analysis, where our Sentiment GoPilot scans newly generated or existing content to ensure it aligns with the desired tone and voice. A furniture retailer, for instance, utilizes this technology to validate vendor-provided content against their brand guidelines.

Image analytics, powered by our Computer Vision GoPilot, automatically analyzes visual assets and associated descriptions to identify and recommend solutions for inconsistencies. This capability is being utilized by a large electronics retailer to maintain accuracy across their product listings.

Syndigo’s GoPilots also facilitate seamless content distribution between manufacturers and their distribution partners through enhanced Data Quality. This GoPilot flags data that does not meet standards or syndication requirements and offers recommended updates to drive efficient content exchange at a global scale.


Optimizing Data Management Operations

However, the customer experience cannot be successful without good data to back it. In his presentation, Angove made particular note of the requirement for high-quality data—the foundation upon which any successful AI strategy is built. Many organizations still struggle to capture, organize, and maintain the data comprehensively across applications, which often resides in disparate silos of information.

To fully unleash the potential of an organization’s data, it is essential to connect the information so it can serve as a consistent, accurate, real-time source of truth that can be trusted to drive decisions and generate the desired outcomes.

When producing a source of truth, an organization must have extensive support for matching and merging – our Golden Record Management (GRM) GoPilot is just that. This powerful tool scans thousands of data points, identifying and consolidating duplicates into a single, accurate record. GRM is invaluable for companies as they consolidate and streamline their data across domains such as products, customers, and more.

Sometimes you need a little help organizing, which is where our Auto Classification GoPilot comes in handy—tagging and labeling data to maximize usability. During his presentation, Simon discussed how a Syndigo customer—one of Europe’s largest book retailers—automates the classification of new products. Every day, thousands of new books are added to their inventory, and Syndigo’s Auto Classification scans and organizes these titles based on genre and sub-genres. By accelerating each title’s addition to the organization’s various taxonomies, products are listed faster and customers experience improved findability and discoverability on the website. 

As organizations continue to explore ways that AI can be implemented to accelerate their business, Syndigo is there, empowering organizations to unlock their data to drive greater innovation with smarter customer experiences and data management solutions.

*Syndigo GoPilots referenced here are in various stages of Go To Market – including Generally Available, Limited Beta, and Customer Validation phases. Speak with your Syndigo representative for more information on current and future GoPilot releases.

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