Product Content Makeover: Dermalogica Innovates a New Look in Skincare

Dermalogica, a leading skincare brand, is pushing the boundaries of what’s possible with product content to connect with customers and improve their experience. Working with Syndigo, the brand has worked to:

  • Distinguish its products in a crowded market and generated a 10% conversion rate lift with enriched media and Enhanced Content
  • Improve cohesion across the omnichannel experience
  • Express compelling stories that feature Dermalogica’s core values and build its brand

The Los Angeles-based company sells its innovative skin health solutions at premier health and beauty stores both in-store and online in over 100 countries worldwide. With a wide selection of products and services, the Dermalogica team is responsible for managing product content for over 100 active SKUs at prominent stores like Ulta Beauty.

Using Enhanced Content to Stand Out in a Crowded Market

Dermalogica faces a particular challenge in standing out in a fast-growing and crowded market. The global skincare products market grew over 37% from 2020 to 2022, from $98.83 billion USD to $135.83 billion. The industry is expected to reach nearly $200 billion by the end of the decade.

Established health and beauty giants as well as new disruptors are constantly pushing new products and brands into the market to capture a piece of the pie. Ari Aldana, Digital Marketing Manager for Dermalogica, explains: “In my industry there’s a new brand launching every day. One of my biggest challenges as a marketer is just being able to cut through the noise and making sure that my brand is always top of mind.”

From pricing strategy to aggressive advertising, brands have many ways to try and stand out from the crowd. One impactful way Dermalogica differentiates itself apart from and above the competition is with rich, engaging, and comprehensive product content.

Using everything from in-depth product descriptions and comprehensive ingredient lists to vivid lifestyle imagery and engaging multimedia, Dermalogica provides everything shoppers need to feel informed about what they’re buying and excited to make a purchase.

One special secret weapon in their arsenal is Enhanced Content. This advanced kind of product content makes use of interactive and rich media to pack the product page with engaging experiences on the PDP (product detail page). It includes embedded videos, product comparison charts, contextual hotspots, interactive product tours, and more.

Given the highly tactile, sensory-driven nature of skincare products, Enhanced Content is a natural fit for empowering shoppers to explore a product’s features and experience it before they buy. So it’s no surprise PDPs with Enhanced Content see a 10% conversion rate lift at key retailers like Ulta.

“You have to be really, really strategic and know where to play, when to play, the right story to tell, the right assets to leverage,” Aldana shared. “So I think that enriched content really helps to provide potential consumers with that reason to believe through what lives on site.”

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Content for a Cause: Sharing a Story of Sustainability

For Dermalogica, telling customers about products isn’t just an opportunity to prompt a sale—it’s a way to educate, inspire, and share stories about what’s really important to the company.

The brand prides itself on providing cruelty-free, vegan products and supports a number of charitable organizations serving noble causes. It has also taken on a major and important initiative to improve sustainability across its catalog.

Aldana explains:

Consumers are increasingly interested in engaging with brands that stand for something besides just selling products. Two-thirds say they want brands to take a stand on social and political issues. And they are increasingly seeking out (and willing to pay more for) sustainable, responsibly sourced products.

Dermalogica uses product content as one more avenue to tell its brand story and share its mission. This integrated approach blending product content means it can connect to customers in unexpected ways and add an emotional component and lifestyle appeal to what is otherwise relatively mundane product data.

“Within skin care or in beauty in general, the shopper is really looking for a product that’s proven to be effective and sourced responsible,” said Aldana. “Part of our content strategy is really rooted in being able to tell that story leveraging best-in-class assets and helping to instill that sense of trust and brand authority within a highly saturated space. We look at content to help support those claims, like before-and-afters or ingredient storytelling; it’s something that really is important nowadays and it’s really in line with how the consumer is shopping.”

It’s beyond skin care. There is a cause and a stance on sustainability efforts, philanthropy, just so many different areas that it touches.

Bridging the Physical-Digital Channel Gap

COVID-19 severely disrupted the in-store retail experience and accelerated eCommerce adoption. For brands in the personal care, health, and beauty space, that often relied on physical experiences like samples, side-by-side product comparisons, and vivacious displays, adapting has proven a tremendous challenge.

With thoughtful adjustments to its product content, Dermalogica is taking strides to bring its digital experience in line with what shoppers experience in store.

Consistency across channels in messaging and experience is increasingly important in keeping customers satisfied and coming back for more. Brands with a potent omnichannel strategy enjoy 89% more customer retention and satisfaction than those without one.

By using Syndigo’s content syndication solutions, Dermalogica ensures that it’s quickly delivering the most correct, most engaging information and assets to its most important retail sellers. When a new product is released, or if any adjustments are made to products and packaging in store, those updates can quickly and easily be matched across Dermalogica’s online ecosystem.

The consumer is more omni-focused, so more open to shopping online, but also they’re expecting a cohesive and seamless experience between both channels.

“I’m personally excited to see how the industry adapts to our new normal,” said Aldana. “The consumer is more omni-focused, so more open to shopping online, but also they’re expecting a cohesive and seamless experience between both channels. So I’m just very curious to see how that trend continues. With online having such a greater penetration compared to years past, we see that in our business also and how it’s booming.”