US Stove Turns Up the Heat on Product Content

A 40% growth in eCommerce sales, adding new product lines, and successfully transitioning business processes to support drop-shipping…


It’s not necessarily what you’d expect to hear about a company celebrating its 150th anniversary in 2019, but perhaps the innovative spirit and attention to customers that have driven these changes are also what has made the United States Stove Company so successful for so long.

A Traditional Business Transforms Into an Ecommerce Power

While it’s been growing over the past three years or so, eCommerce is now a major drive in US Stove’s business:

“Our products are heavy – some stoves weigh 800 pounds! So you might not think about a company like ours when you think about eCommerce. But we do sell a lot of smaller products online because the shipping is easier to manage on smaller products,” says US Stove Senior Director of eCommerce Lindsey Huffhines.

“While we still sell a lot of stoves in physical stores, we do also drop-ship those big stoves.” Changing the way US Stove sells and ships its products has led to transformations throughout the business, including the way they manage product content.

eCommerce Transformation Made Easy With Syndigo

“Getting the right information into your customers’ hands is one of the biggest challenges you deal with when you’re growing a product line and working with many retailers. And every retailer wants your product content differently,” Huffhines says.

Having Syndigo allows us to share our information effectively so customers have what they need to make a buying decision.

United States Stove Company

Using Syndigo gives Huffhines and the US Stove team the margin they need to tackle other challenges, no matter how many retailers they want to work with or how each retailers’ requirements change over time.

What’s on The Horizon For US Stove? New Product Lines, and More Great Product Content

“The eCommerce channel really drives the need for quality content and multimedia about our products,” Huffhines says.

He’s working to create new video, image, and written content to serve his customers well, and he plans to use Syndigo to share that content with every channel.

US Stove even uses the Syndigo API to power their own new website, ensuring that their product content is up-to-date and correct in every channel, from their own site to home improvement retailers to eCommerce sites like Amazon.