Send Product Content to Amazon Globally

Did you know that Amazon commands over two thirds of all product searches?

Capture shopper attention instantly! Syndigo provides an automated process to manage and distribute high quality product content to Amazon globally. 

Global Reach

Publish your content across US and global marketplaces.

Product Content Feed

Eliminate spreadsheets and publish product content directly with easy item-set up.


Receive feedback directly from Amazon on ASIN generation, error tracking and content delivery confirmation.


Categorize your items directly in CXH under the available Amazon product types.

New Requirements

Identify when new requirements are added thanks to CXH’s readiness scoring system.

"We have over 40,000 products, and managing that is overwhelming. Since coming to Syndigo, it's been much easier. I love the integrated relationships you put forth, because it is so difficult to manage non-integrated partners. You have been great!"

Rob Andris, President

“This is awesome…all the work is putting the data in, and once you have that, being able to just pick and choose what you want makes it so easy. I think it’s great!”

Matthew Holtwick

“The impact Syndigo has had on my job has been quite substantial. I would highly recommend Syndigo to other teams looking to enhance their processes.”

Rebecca Mechanic

“Syndigo streamlined new item set-up and item maintenance. I found an error on over 100 of our products, and with Syndigo, I was able to correct everything in just over an hour, as opposed to days.”

Penny Sidden

Steps to Amazon Success

1. Authorize Amazon to receive data from Syndigo
2. Retrieve your authorization token from Amazon
3. Complete Requirements
4. Publish to Amazon

Go Where Customers are Shopping

Amazon has a staggering lead over every other major retailer trying to compete online.

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