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Core Content and Data Syndication

Create, collect, enrich and manage your product information to optimize your eCommerce experience.
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Rich Media

With rich media and interactive experiences on Target, manufacturers see a measurable increase in online sales.
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Label Information

Meet legally mandated product data requirements for nutrition labels, ingredient lists, drug facts, fact panels and allergen statements on your Target PDPs.
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Content Health

Monitor and improve your content by knowing what areas need attention and editing. Receive alerts about easy fixes to improve content quality on
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Core Content and Data Syndication*

Set up and manage your essential item data at Target from a centralized location. Publish item data, images, feature bullets and more to deliver a consistent and transparent omni-commerce experience that drives sales and supply chain efficiency. Content includes:

  • Marketing Copy
  • Feature Bullets
  • Images
  • Video
  • Target’s Item Attribution

*Note: All Core Content is subject to Target’s Data Review process before publication

Content and Data Syndication to Target

Syndication gives you the ability to publish data and content from one source to multiple retailers, including Target.

It is used to support new item setup or edit and maintain data and content for your existing product assortment.

Target syndication
Target enhanced content

Captivate Customers with Rich Media

Increase conversion an average of 90% on with rich media and engaging, interactive content on your product pages. Enhanced Content is an important part of Target’s mission to provide an exceptional shopping experience and forms a large part of your Target Content Score.

  • Publish engaging visual descriptions using existing media assets
  • Create once, display across devices
  • Easily assemble interactive product tours
  • See metrics on shopper engagement and interaction
  • Edit content any time and quickly republish without Target Data Review

*Note: Enhanced Content is a separate solution from Core Content and other data

Submit Accurate Label Information

Syndigo can help you collect, manage and syndicate required product label information to be displayed under the ‘Drug Fact’ or ‘Label Info’ tabs of your Target PDPs in the correct screen-readable format. Types of label information may include:

  • Nutrition labels
  • Fact Panels
  • Drug facts
  • Ingredients
  • Allergen statements
Target Label Information
Target Content Integrity Score

Optimize your eCommerce presence with intelligent analytics and reporting for your product content.


See how your content is doing today with a Target Vendor scorecard.

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