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Your vendor scorecard delivers easy, actionable recommendations to improve findability and conversion rates, and ultimately to increase revenue.

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Content Health is Vital to eCommerce Success

Consumers make split-second purchasing decisions based on available data and content.

Incomplete or inaccurate content means

  • Lost conversions: They continue their purchase decision elsewhere
  • Higher returns/lower CSAT: They make a purchase that doesn’t meet expectations
  • Lower cart value: They buy a lower-price alternative that has better content

Your Content Scorecard Keeps Information About Products Complete, Correct and Up-to-Date at Target

eCommerce Success

How to Read Your Vendor Scorecard and Put the Recommendations into Action


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Content Analytics

Target PDP Best Practices

Improve product discoverability and conversion rates on your PDPs by aligning to Target requirements and recommendations. Check the ‘Best Practices’ tab on your scorecard for specific parameters and formats for your content.


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